Snowdon. We did it!

Starting bright and early, on 1st June, 16 intrepid explorers from LOFT set off on a mission to climb Snowdon to raise money and awareness for LOFT’s partnered charity – The Embassy bus. Despite driving rain and cold winds everyone reached the summit in under three hours. The team were even joined by  LOFT’s  Founders/Directors Bob and Rita Hall.

Even with the bad weather there was still a great deal of team spirit and enthusiasm. It was only when the team descended back down and neared the bottom that the sun broke out from behind the clouds for a sunny day.

Walking 23km fuelled on lots of cheddar biscuits, the team made it to the top and even got a well-deserved cuppa tea when they got back down. The hike up Snowdon is LOFT’s first outdoor challenge in raising money for the Embassy Bus. As a company we run regular office fundraising activities (including Onesie Wednesday’s and Christmas Jumper Day but we wanted to raise awareness outside of the office and engage with our clients and customers and really spread the word about the great charity the at Embassy Bus.

So far we have raised a whooping £ 1,417.98 (Including Gift Aid) for The Embassy Bus and we can’t wait to continue to support the charity in their mission.

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