LOFT’s New Collection: Furnishing the Future

A new way of living is emerging on the horizon, bringing impactful and dynamic ideals to the forefront of our attention. LOFT® sees co-living, co-working and co-learning as the future of modern society. It’s what today’s market is looking towards. And it’s what today’s furniture suppliers have to adapt to.

Our duty is to create spaces that reflect the aspirations of the new generation. We’re taking the first step with our latest furniture collection, under the guidance of our expert Interior Design team.

The pieces in LOFT®’s 20:20 Vision Collection follow a simple premise: Design shapes culture. Culture shapes values. Values create the future.

It’s time for a change. Interior Designs need a new look to match evolving cultural shifts. Furniture trends and design styles are at risk of falling behind with the times, becoming uninspiring and unfit for purpose. Our new product range has been designed for modern ‘Blended Living,’ combining luxury with style and comfort.

Residents deserve spaces that strongly encourage social interaction. People need people. We all need to open up, share, have fun and enjoy each other’s company. It is proven that our environment can influence behaviour, and through intelligent Interior Design, LOFT® can help to facilitate togetherness. 

Our new collection is the result of forming strong, long-lasting partnerships with leading global suppliers. With their help, we ensure all LOFT® products are procured with environmental, social & ethical consciousness. Aiding residents in creating communities is what we do best. We keep our responsibilities to people and the planet in mind when doing so.

The future is clear, and we have 20:20 vision. As time ticks by, more and more people will subscribe to the co-living lifestyle. The daily hassles we’ve simply accepted over the years will fade away and become distant memories.

The modern tenant demands more. ‘Your Apartment is Boring’ is the headline of this movement, and LOFT® is at the forefront of this change. We’re embracing the ideals, and finding new, exciting ways to blend style with function and practicality.

Don’t stay rooted in the past. Browse our new furniture collection, and see that the future is already here.

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