Implementing a Safe Furniture Delivery Service & Installation Process

Modern problems have always required modern solutions. Even though the Coronavirus pandemic has brought many businesses to a standstill, certain industries have been able to adapt their working methods to offer their customers and clients the same high level service they’ve come to know and expect over the years. LOFT has implemented a safe furniture delivery service for our clients and co-workers, keeping everyone happy and our business moving in the right direction.

The changes we’ve introduced over the last two months have been for the benefit of our staff and clientele. While it may seem strange at first to have a delivery team in PPE turn up with your furniture, the friendly and dynamic nature of our team has remained as strong as ever.

Safety has been and always will be one of our main concerns and focal points, both for our staff and customers. This is why it’s so important for us to explain what steps we’ve taken for their protection. When we first implemented our safe furniture delivery services, we knew it would be a success because we covered every factor and had the backing of our staff.

Every member of the LOFT team has worked hard to get deliveries up and running again. This is how we’ve done it:

How LOFT Practice Social Distancing & Safety Procedures at Distribution Centres

Our safety protocols start way before we enter a client’s property. In fact, it starts before our employees even enter one of our UK-wide centres. On a daily basis, staff have their temperatures taken and recorded on arrival. Anyone showing Covid-19 symptoms, or with a higher-than-usual temperature is asked to leave.

To protect the health of our staff, we practice social distancing in line with the Government’s advice. Everyone in our depots stays a minimum of 2m apart from each other, which is made easier with clear markings to indicate the correct distance.

There’s an increased amount of signage in our centres to explain the new hygiene procedures, and each workstation has designated sanitation supplies to ensure the guidelines can be followed at all times. Going the extra step, distribution centre staff have access to masks, gloves and hand sanitiser, and dedicated Safety Managers are overseeing the new procedures.

Our Updated Furniture Delivery Service

Once our vans are filled and furniture is ready to be delivered, all our drivers are provided with PPE to reduce risks. When dropping off your items, we no longer require a signature from the client. This reduces the amount of paperwork involved and limits the potential for physical contact.

If preferred, our clients can opt for contactless delivery. We will leave the goods at the delivery address, take a photo as proof of delivery, which we forward on via email alongside the delivery note. What’s important to remember here is that we’ve come up with alternate solutions to help our clients feel safe and to protect the most vulnerable. We’re constantly adapting to their needs, which is why our name and brand comes to the forefront when discussing high levels of customer service.

LOFT’s New Installation Process

Keeping our efficient service running as normally as possible is the goal, so if a property we’re supplying furniture for is vacant from a change in tenancy or recent completion, our full service will continue. This means delivering, building and installing all pieces with the packaging being removed and recycled.

If a property is occupied, will can still complete our full service procedures, but only if the resident hasn’t suffered from or come into contact with Covid-19. For everyone’s safety, residents will be asked to stay in another room during installation, and our installation team will wear PPE and maintain a 2m distance. The relevant questions regarding exposure will be asked when the order is placed and the delivery is booked.

Where a property is occupied and certain information cannot be obtained, our team still provides an exemplary service. Deliveries are processed on a case-by-case basis, and no one will be asked to sign for the delivery. Residents will be contacted before the drop-off, and products will be left in a suitable location of the client’s choosing (eg. garden, garage, apartment foyer). While we won’t be able to assemble and install items, all our products come with detailed instructions for the client’s convenience.

A Dedicated Property Management Furnishing Solution

This has been a trying time for all of us, but careful planning and consideration have helped us continue as a business. We have stock available to fill orders, and we’re operational across the whole of the UK.

Monday to Saturday, from 8:00am to 8:00pm, our team can deliver. If we’re notified early enough, we can even accommodate later time slots with updates being provided to clients via text and phone calls.

Now is the time to be innovative. Our clients are still looking for residential furnishing solutions, and we’re ensuring those needs are still being met, efficiently and safely.

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