Attract More Custom

Attract More Custom With Specialist Serviced Accommodation Furniture

Serviced accommodation properties can be highly lucrative investments. Not only do they hold huge appeal towards tourists, holiday-makers and the UK staycation market, serviced apartments are also regularly being used by business travellers.

With large and significant markets to target, there should be very few issues in finding temporary tenants to make use of your rental property. In fact, more than two thirds of business travellers have admitted to adding extra days to their stay to enjoy a little time out for themselves, meaning a property with plenty of appeal will very rarely be out of use.

However, a property that doesn’t have the right feel to it will struggle to attract paying clients. It’s important to get the ambience spot on, which can only be done through intelligent Interior Design and making full use of specialist serviced accommodation furniture.

It can be hard to make your rental apartment stand out, but here at LOFT we are on hand to explain how the right furnishings can help. Our advice will make it clear how important serviced accommodation furniture can be to success, and by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll know exactly how to attract more custom.

People Want Luxury

A serviced apartment is much more than a place for people to put their bags whilst they’re out sight-seeing or off to a business conference. Style-wise, serviced accommodation is meant to be a cross between a cosy hotel and an actual home. Because of this, your property needs to have a luxurious, homely feel to it. This isn’t possible if you don’t have specialist serviced accommodation furniture.

After a long day, your tenants will want to relax and enjoy all the creature comforts they’re used to. Chairs and sofas they can easily sink into are a must, as are high quality mattresses for a good night’s rest. Your serviced accommodation property should feel like a home away from home, which can’t be done if you don’t add a touch of luxury.

If it helps, think about what you would expect from the property if you were to rent it. Would you be happy on a sofa that has a cheap look and feel to it? People are used to living comfortably, which is why furniture you can lose yourself in should be one of your priorities.

Luxury doesn’t have to come at a high price, though. LOFT specialises in proving it can be affordable for everyone. Take a look at our serviced accommodation furniture packages for the best items at a great price.

Cater to the Market’s Needs

Catering to Market Needs
Catering to Market Needs

Everyone expects luxury, but if you’re targeting a certain market with your serviced accommodation property, you will need to provide guests with more essentials.

Take, for example, business clientele who could be using your apartment as a base while visiting the city to help a local branch of their company or to attend a business seminar. You can attract more custom by creating a space that’s suitable for work purposes.

Setting up a dedicated workstation will show potential temporary tenants you understand their needs properly, and a desk to work from will help your guests stay more focused than if they were doing their job from the cosy sofa we just installed for you.

That said, a comfortable seating is a must to stop your tenants from hunching over, causing them back pain and attributing to poor posture. You can combat this by picking out a purpose built office chair.

To finish the look off and to go the extra mile for your corporate guests, add a shelving unit so important documents can be safely stored and in order for the duration of your tenant’s stay.

Remember the Little Things

Remember the little things
Middlewood Locks – Remember the Little Things

When someone views your property over the internet, they want to see you’ve really put your all into making it feel more like a home than a basic hotel room before they make a booking. This is achieved through accessories, the little things that add a touch of refinement but are easy to overlook.

Your tenants might not go out to dine while they’re staying in your property. Tourists especially may prefer to cook their own meals so they have more money to spend on excursions and attractions. It’s therefore essential to provide guests with kitchenware that will give their culinary prowess a chance to shine. Our own packages cover all the key kitchen utensils a guest could possibly need.

Another key room that always does well with a little extra sparkle is the bathroom. Your guests will want to see that the bathroom is well cared for and has everything their own would have such as plenty of soft, clean towels, and pretty and practical ceramics like a soap dispenser and toothbrush tumbler. Check out our own all-in-one bathroom pack that’s sure to leave guests with a great impression.

Attract More Custom By Speaking to the Professionals

Specialist serviced accommodation furniture can greatly improve the chances of attracting more custom, but it takes an expert furniture partner to tap into the full potential of your rental property.

We have all the knowledge needed to expertly furnish your serviced accommodation, and our years of experience has given us the advantage of knowing exactly what guests expect from temporary rentals.

This is why so many landlords have partnered with us. Our specialist furniture collection adds a huge amount of appeal to serviced accommodation properties without breaking the bank.

What’s more, we’re not just content with helping you bring in more custom. We go the extra mile for you by assembling and installing your new furniture pieces, taking away and recycling the packaging and any old items you’re replacing.

At LOFT, our mission is to help landlords make a success out of their investments. This can only be done by catering to the needs and wants of your clientele and through intelligent Interior Design.

For more information on how the LOFT team can help you attract more custom with specialist serviced accommodation furniture, get in touch with us today.

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