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How Intelligent Interior Design Can Help With Renting Out Your Property

Renting out your property can be a difficult task. With over 2.66 million landlords in the UK, you face a lot of competition. Even though this number is the lowest it’s been since 2012, the landlords who are here to stay are expanding their portfolios, making it harder for individual properties to stand out. In a pos

But just because there are many buy-to-lets on the market doesn’t mean attracting attention to yours has to be hard. For many renters, a clean and comfortable interior is the most important factor to consider when looking at rental properties, and a stylish interior isn’t far behind. This means that by thinking carefully about the intelligent Interior Design options that are available to you, renting out your property successfully comes down to a matter of creating spaces that are designed for your target market. Post-covid the way we market our properties has changed in the last few months, with virtual viewings and people being more selective about the places they choose to visit, the way your property looks is how you will stand out. Choosing a design trend, carefully planning the space and selecting furniture that is practical, stylish and comfortable are the key ways to attract more attention to your rental property. Speaking to our Design team we take a look at how to incorporate these aspects into your property.

Finding a Unique Interior Design Trend

How Intelligent Interior Design Can Help With Renting Out Your Property

People have varying tastes which can make it difficult to pick an Interior Design style that appeals to everyone. Many rentals will be decorated like a blank canvas, which can be enticing to some people, who can then fill it with all their possessions. But because of this, you then can find rentals with shades of magnolia splashed throughout each room from floor to ceiling, not always an inspiring colour choice.

This is a safe option, but it doesn’t help a property to stand out. One thing that always grabs someone’s attention is a design trend that breaks the mould. Our Design team love a good feature wall with a bold colour. It can provide a great focal point for creating a space. Consider your target demographic and decorate your rental in a way that will appeal to them.

If you’re renting out your property to young families over single tenants, think about how your use of intelligent Interior Design can help bring a sense of calm and tranquility to the parents’ lives. Minimalist design is all about using a muted colour palettes and highlighting the minimalistic nature of open spaces to evoke peace and quiet. When combined with well-placed homely accessories such as soft, warm rugs, throws and cushions, you create a tranquil, homely atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing in. As well as a calming aesthetic you will want your property to be multifunctional and practical for a family to feel organised and at ease in.

Alternatively, if your property is based in a trendy area for young professionals, a more striking Interior Design trend could be more appealing. For this our Design team like opting for statement pieces furniture and accessories that add interest. Some trends to embrace could be through lavish colour schemes and rich, luxurious textures, themes that are seeing coming through in design.

Staying away from neutrality shows potential tenants you’ve taken the initiative in trying to design a space that works specifically for them. It can make your property stick in their minds, which can make renting out your property much easier. Our Interior Designers are experts in designing the perfect spaces in line with your preferred target market.

Getting the Most Out of Space

How Intelligent Interior Design Can Help With Renting Out Your Property

Even if your rental property is large and spacious, you need to utilise the space available effectively through intelligent Interior Design. Cluttered living rooms and untidy home offices can make a property appear smaller and not very thought out. Think about storage options. Contemporary sideboards provide plenty of stylish storage for everyday items, while the top part of the unit can be used for decorative ornaments that add a personal touch to a room. Think

out how you match your accessories, by hanging a piece of artwork on the wall above the sideboard you create an eye-catching storage area.

There are many other clever storage solutions available such as divan beds, tiered bookshelves and TV units[1] , and our experienced Interior Design team can help you find the right option for you .

Using space properly is key, but creating the impression of a larger room is important, too. Mirrors are perfect for making a space feel bigger, as they can reflect the light, giving the illusion of a larger space and a brighter room. We have a great range in stock, so you can find the right mirror to suit the style of your property.

Choosing the Right Furniture

How Intelligent Interior Design Can Help With Renting Out Your Property

All furniture has to serve a purpose, whether it’s to create more space, add aesthetic appeal or to bring about a new level of comfort. However, choosing furnishings that are design-led and targeted to your market will help with renting out your property. Our in house Design team can offer advice on selecting the right pieces along with fittings and finishes, as well as how to stage your property to maximise potential.

Basic furniture sets can feel cheap, giving potential tenants the wrong impression. Design-led furniture, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. By furnishing your rental property to a well thought out standard, you’re showing how much consideration and effort you’ve put into making a house feel like a home. It’s the little touches like this that can encourage a tenant to stay in your property long-term, reducing void periods and saving you time and money in finding new occupants.

Many landlords think that on trend furniture comes with a high price tag, but our extensive landlord furniture pack range proves that’s not the case. We have a selection of high quality furniture packs to suit all budgets, ensuring your tenants can benefit from design led products and a price that is perfect for you.

Renting Out Your Property With Intelligent Interior Design

Taking every aspect of your property into consideration will give you a much better chance of renting it out. The interior needs to stand out from a practical, stylish and comforting point of view. If it doesn’t grab a potential tenant’s attention from the get-go, you give them very little reason to choose your property over another.

Designing for rental properties is a skill that we have developed over the years, getting to know the needs of our customers. Landlords up and down the UK have used our services to help rent their property more efficiently and which larger profit. We keep you and your tenants in mind when furnishing rentals, ensuring you both get excellent value for money.

What’s more, our trained and experienced delivery and installation team will take the hassle out of setting up new pieces, as installation is included in our service. We’ll even take away and recycle the packaging and remove any unwanted old items.Contact a member of our team today to see how our expertise can help with renting out your property.

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