Multi use space

How Important is Multi Use Space in PBSA Properties?

The concept of the ideal student property has changed dramatically in recent years. Students of yesteryear were happy enough in Halls of Residence, but today’s generation want to spend their time at university living in the modest luxury they’ve become accustomed to.

Growing in line with students expectations has been the purpose built student accommodation sector. The reason for this growth is simple; PBSA delivers on what students want and need.

Even with the PBSA market growing exponentially, there’s nowhere enough supply to meet demands. According to Select Property Group, the UK only has enough PBSA to accommodate 24% of the students who are asking for it. This tells us two important things:

  1. A lot of students are going without suitable accommodation
  2. There are plenty of opportunities for the PBSA sector to grow even further

Students shouldn’t have to struggle finding accommodation they’ll be happy in, and there is a way existing PBSAs and ones undergoing development can help. Multi use space in PBSA properties frees up a significant amount of space for more bedsits, and it also creates a wealth of other benefits. We strongly believe multi use space in PBSA can help everyone from staff to the students. Here are the key reasons why.

Multi use space

Multi Use Space Encourages Social Interaction

For many students, going to university will be the first time they have moved away from home. In that time, it’s not uncommon for them to feel lonely or isolated. Research shows us that one-in-three students experience a bout of depression or loneliness, and it’s up to PBSA operators and developers to find ways of combating this.

In a multi use space, students will gather for a variety of reasons depending on what the area will be used for. As an example, many students want a place where they can study in their accommodation, but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. By combining sound-proof work booths with a chill-out zone, students can take a break from their studies to play a game of pool, turn their brain off for five minutes or to simply chat with other students nearby.

Improving the wellbeing of students is the main goal in PBSA, and creating a multi use space that a many people will flock to can help with that. Naturally, you’ll need to get the balance right so everyone can use the space for what they need it for, which is where our team of award-winning Interior Designers can implement their skills and knowledge.

Multi Use Space Lets You Provide More Unique Services

When a space is used efficiently, it can open up a wide array of unique services that you and your teams can offer to students. Outdoor space is a key luxury in PBSAs, and many students like to keep fit and active. If you have the opportunities available to combine your spaces with your services, it should become one of your main selling points.

For example, it’s not uncommon for PBSAs to be fitted with gyms and for instructors to come down and give students fitness lessons. Yoga is a popular option, especially since it can help students with their worries and anxieties. However, if your PBSA has a large enough roof terrace, it would be a great idea to hold sessions in the fresh air where the students can enjoy the peace, sunshine and the scenery.

The more you look at a space, the more possibilities reveal themselves. The LOFT team has been designing and furnishing multi use spaces in PBSA properties for years, and we know how to uncover the hidden possibilities available in every area. Make sure to check out our student accommodation portfolio to see examples of our work.

Multi use space

Multi Use Space Allows You to Accommodate More Students

Being able to provide as many students as possible with beds while delivering on the services they want isn’t easy. However, multi use space frees up room in your building for more private quarters, meaning you can help a greater percentage of the 76% of students who can’t find suitable PBSA accommodation.

The struggles students go through to find accommodation speak for themselves. Around one-out-five students start looking for the next academic year’s accommodation 10 months in advance. Some students feel priced out of the market altogether and have no other option than to stay at home with their parents and commute to university.

By incorporating multi use space in your building, you don’t have to have separate areas for movie night screenings, study areas, chill-out zones and games rooms. You bring them together, freeing up as much room as possible to accommodate those who really need it.

How Do You Create an Effective Multi Use Space?

The best way to create an effective multi use space is to know exactly what you want each area to be used for first and to discuss the viability of your ideas with an expert Interior Designer in the PBSA industry. There are many different ways you can get the most out of the space available. A sliding partition wall is great for keeping areas separate when multiple people need to use a space for different reasons, the right storage solutions let you keep necessary equipment on-site at all times without it getting in the way, and the furniture you put out gives people a clear indication as to what the space can be used for, ie. keep sofas and stools for the communal areas and not the study spaces.

How Can LOFT Help?

LOFT’s expertise lies in the PBSA sector. Our award-winning Interior Design team has helped with countless PBSA projects, much to the delight of students, operators and developers. We understand how to get the most value out of the space available, making sure everyone has a place to work, relax or do whatever they feel like.For more information on how our team can help you create the perfect multi use space, make sure to get in contact with us today.

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