According to the Office for National Statistics, around a fifth of all students would consider returning home rather than staying in their student accommodation if Covid restrictions continued.

So, with the normal university experience on the brink of returning after an unsettled year, students and landlords alike must be feeling more optimistic.

And with many students who had been working from home returning for the new academic year, and even more attending for the first time in the coming months, landlords may feel the need to refresh their properties. 

Modern students care a lot more about where they live than those of the past. Long gone are the days where students were carefree ‘young ones’ happy to live in unfit Halls of Residence in exchange for very little rent.

The cost of student accommodation shot up by around a third in the 2010s, and that increase continues to rise compared to decades prior. For that reason, students want value for money and expect quality furniture. 

LOFT has everything you need to fit out a student property with appealing, sturdy and safe furniture, as we detail below.


Students want a place to be proud of. When they’re entertaining friends, or when their parents come to visit, they don’t want to be ashamed of where they live; in a home full of tatty, broken or simply outdated furniture.

There are some situations where landlords have left the same furnishings in their student properties for years. To be honest, we don’t even want to think about what state a decade-old sofa in a student property would actually be in.

To make sure your property catches the eye of the modern student, you need student accommodation furniture that’s appealing. This means finding items with sleek designs and made from quality materials. Where possible, you might also want to think about adding pieces made from sustainable materials as an added selling point.

LOFT have been experts in furniture for as long as some of these students have been alive. In the 18 years we have been operating and fitting out student properties, we have gained a clear understanding of the compromise between a student and a landlord. Take a look at our portfolio for some great examples.


While the wants and needs of modern students have changed when it comes to accommodation, some areas of student life have stayed the same. They might want a place they can be proud of, but they might not always treat it like they would their family home. 

Students live by the mantra of ‘live while you’re young’ and for that reason, they exist to enjoy themselves, without a lot of thought and consideration to where they are and what they’re doing.

This ‘living life to the fullest’ mentality might be great for creating memories and looking cool on Instagram, but it isn’t always great or cool for a landlord. 

All furniture in student accommodation needs to be sturdy. If a landlord tries to cut costs with low-budget, hastily assembled furniture, they will likely need to replace it over and over again. Buy cheap, buy twice.

If you buy quality pieces from the start, you’ll find they’ll last a lot longer. Student accommodation furniture designed specifically for the market is built to withstand general use as well as the odd drunken, clumsy tumble.

LOFT has a range of highly durable products made with this thought process in mind including: 

  • Metal bed frames
  • Strong low maintenance sofas
  • High quality dining tables and chairs

Ask about our full student range for more information.


The most important thing for all landlords to consider when furnishing a flat or student accommodation is safety. 

Nobody wants an angry email from a student, or a student's parent because a piece of furniture in one of your accommodations wasn’t fit for purpose, broke and caused a trip to A&E. 

Safe accommodation doesn’t only come down to durable furniture. If you’re experienced in the field you’ll have likely heard of Crib 5.

Furniture that’s Crib 5 compliant is deemed fit for use in rental properties and the hospitality sector, as the pieces meet the UK’s Fire Regulations. While Crib 5 compliant furniture isn’t completely fireproof, it greatly reduces the risk of ignition, which can save countless lives.

All of LOFT’s products meet safety standards, and we’re always happy to show our credentials. If you have any doubts about the safety aspects of student accommodation furniture — no matter who you’re purchasing from — ask for proof that each item is 100% safe.


With LOFT you are always guaranteed convenience and consistency. No landlord we work with ever needs to lift a finger in the assembly or installation of any of our furniture. 

Our team will arrive at the property with your delivery, make sure it’s in perfect condition, and install it wherever you want it. You can then get on with your day without any stress.

As a sign of our commitment to cutting down our company-wide impact on the environment, we remove and recycle any old items left in your property, as well as any packaging left over from installation. 

Around 90% of all of our recyclable waste goes to an RDF plant to be converted into electricity. Our partnership with The Furniture Recycling Group also allows us to recycle and repurpose around 3,000 old mattresses each year, to give them a new lease of life rather than consign them to a life in the landfill.


All LOFT furniture comes with a guarantee of sturdiness, safety and style. Our wide selection of furnishings are certain to keep any student happy and healthy to make sure you won’t be inundated with calls and emails, or the need to waste half your day buying replacement furniture every six months. 

All landlords benefit from the full service offered by LOFT. From transportation to installation, right through to recycling, you won’t need to move a muscle. A quality service is what you can expect, a complete package is what we can promise.

LOFT specialises in supplying stunning student furniture to keep everybody happy. For more information about how we can help furnish your student accommodation, get in touch with a member of the LOFT team today.


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