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From the sourcing of our supply chain, to the lifecycle of our products, we are committed to creating a more sustainable future.

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Sustainability is a choice. Outside of our day-to-day service; you'll find the LOFT team knee deep in mud, planting a tree for every apartment we furnish with our partners, Gone West, or working alongside OFF GRID to create sustainable spaces for communities.

Making the world a better place might sound like a big ideal, but we know that every one of us can make an impact. Our intention is to actively seek out good, rather than simply avoiding bad. So, sustainability isn't just a 'tick box' exercise for LOFT, it's at the heart of the business decisions we make, How we work, who we work with and why.

Operating To An ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Specification

We subcontract quality and sustainability control representatives in the Far East to manage and audit our supply chain, ensuring that every one of our supply chain partners, no matter the location, are performing to our exacting standards.

Making Sustainable Living Affordable

One of our big ambitions is to make sustainable living accessible and affordable, rather than a luxury. Everyone should be able to live in a way that best suits their own environment, while creating a better future for us all.

Recycling From The Office To The Warehouse

Our warehouses and office buildings recycle all daily waste. And we recycle over 5,000 mattresses every year through a specialist mattress recycling facility, where every mattress is taken apart and separated to be recycled.

Setting The Standard Across The Supply Chain

Our in-house supply chain management team undertake supplier audits focussed on sustainability, quality, and health & safety procedures. Regular factory visits ensure we are constantly driving improvement in our supply chain.

A Commitment To Sustainability


To Help Balance Our Environmental Footprint We Plant One Tree In The UK For Every Apartment Furnished.

In 2020 we partnered with Gone West to help create a more sustainable world, committing to plant a tree for every apartment we furnish. Together we aren't just thinking about sustainability, we’re taking affirmative measures. Real people making a real difference.


Gone West Tree Planting Day NORTH 6
Giving back for us is not only planting trees, it's thinking about how we run our businesses, how we source our products and materials, how we can create jobs and take care of the vulnerable members of our society.Gone West