September 16, 2021

How to Make a Student Bedroom Feel Like Home


University offers students a sense of independence, time and space to discover who they are and experience new things and make memories. But for every moment of freedom and every new experience, there’s also a longing to return to a familiar space that’s comforting and reassuring.

Knowing how to make a student bedroom feel like home at university is the key way to provide some comfort and relief. As a student landlord, there’s a lot you can do to help.

With over 18 year’s worth of experience designing stunning properties for student use, we’ve gained some key insights into how to make a student bedroom feel like a home at university, so stick with us for top tips of the trade.

Why is Making a Room Feel Homely so Important?

Even with an eagerness to begin a new chapter in their life, university students will always need a reminder of home to give them confidence and reassurance. 

Let’s be honest, it is scary the first time you step out from under the roof of your parents, and a helping hand from an upbeat landlord can make all the difference.

Having a room that feels homely does exactly what it says on the tin; it gives students a place that feels like home. It calms their nerves and encourages them to stick with uni and grow as a person. While their parents might not be around, a homely atmosphere should always be there to stay.

How to Make a Student Bedroom Feel Like a Home at University

There are two sayings that are the complete opposite of each other: “home is where the heart is,” and “home is where you make it.” Since your residents can’t bring their family along with them, making their student bedroom feel more like home at university is the safe bet.

Take a look at the key ways to achieve this:

A Student Mattress

There’s a reason why we often tell ourselves to “sleep on it” when we’re making tough decisions or feeling blue. Studies carried out by Harvard University show us that a bad night’s sleep can leave us feeling:

  • Stressed

  • Angry

  • Sad

  • Mentally Exhausted

On the reverse side of the coin, a good night’s sleep:

  • Improves our mood

  • Increases concentration

  • Helps us to make rational decisions

When deciding how to make a student bedroom feel like a home, the bed is a great place to start. With a student mattress, you can provide your residents with a soft, cosy and comfortable place to sleep. And with a better night’s rest, they’re more likely to be in a positive mindset throughout the day when they wake up.

For the ultimate sleeping experience, consider installing Zen mattresses in each student bedroom of your property to create a space that’s truly peaceful, relaxing and homely.

Student Bedroom Accessories

It’s the little things that make a big difference. When students get some space to call their own, they want it to feel unique.

Student bedroom accessories are a great way to differentiate one room from another. Scatter cushions are low-cost, effective decorations that also add a new texture to the room. Likewise, a throw or decorative blanket for the winter months brings a new layer of warmth and cosiness.

To put a truly personal stamp on the room, why not place a few blank photo frames around the room, so your students can insert pictures of their friends and family from back home?

For that extra special touch, put a handwritten note in the frame. A quick message that says something along the lines of, “So you’re always close to those who love you” also shows that you really care about their wellbeing.


Walls in a student bedroom don’t have to be boring and blank. They provide a huge surface area that can be used to personalise the room in many different ways.

First up is the colour. While neutral schemes are a safe option, you’ll rarely find anyone saying beige is their favourite colour and they want to see it everywhere. Ask your student residents if there’s a particular shade they like, and try to use it where possible, even if it’s just for a feature wall or the skirtings.

Next is wall art. Eye-catching artwork always adds something a little different to properties, but you can also give the students permission to put up posters. By giving them that right, you pretty much guarantee that they’ll love the wall decor, as they’ll have done it all themselves.

Removable hooks can be a lifesaver for personalisation as well. They’re perfect for hanging up fairy lights to create a cosy ambience, or they can be used to decorate the walls with bunting or pictures from home.

What are the Benefits of Making a Student Bedroom Feel Like Home?

Let’s take a look at the positives of creating a home away from home for your student residents:

Students are Less Likely to Drop Out

1 in 6 university students drop out of their course, and a major reason for this is the feeling of loneliness or isolation.

It’s a huge shame that many students are overcome with the sense that they have nowhere to turn, and decide higher education isn’t for them. But finding a way to bring a little bit of a student’s homelife into their bedroom could help turn the tide.

When students feel better in themselves, they have more confidence in their abilities and are more capable of making their way through tough times. Homely touches act as a reminder that they’re creating a new life for themselves and they’re coping just fine without Mum and Dad. They can touch base in their room, get in the right frame of mind, and power through.

Fewer Void Periods

Students want to enjoy their accommodation. It’s why private rentals are more sought after than Halls of Residence, as HMOs are more suited to modern living.

If your student tenants feel at home in your property, they won’t want to leave after the first year. It can be a pain trying to find new tenants, as background checks take up a lot of time.

Once you have an established resident who doesn’t cause you any trouble, making them feel at home will swing the tide in your favour so they stay for the duration of their course.

Creating a Homely Atmosphere the Easy Way

At LOFT, we know a lot about how to make a student bedroom feel like home. Private landlords have been coming to us for 18 years, and creating the right atmosphere for your budget is what we do best.

For more details on how we can help, make sure to get in touch with a member of our team. We’re available to advise you on the right decor and we also offer an interior design service to guarantee your student residents will love their accommodation and it will always feel like home.


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