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Sourcing For The Future

We focus on ethical sustainability, style, durability and the price point.

Our product team have experience with industry leaders in supply chain management, merchandising and product development. Making sure we always have a steady supply of products readily available for our customers, engineered to meet the needs of the end user.

Established Supply Chain Relationships

We travel the world to source strategically from the best sources, ensuring we deliver great design led products. We build lasting relationships with our trusted suppliers negotiating and evaluating cost benefits to provide on trend products at the right price.


Regular Supplier Audits

Our supply chain management team regularly undertake supplier audits focussed on sustainability, quality, and health & safety procedures within our suppliers operations. We often visit factories, and drive improvements wherever we can.


Provenance And Credibility

We aim to be totally transparent about where our products originate from. We share our expert sourcing knowledge with our clients, the story behind the design and the specification of the product, giving you the confidence that everything you choose is ethically sourced and built to last


Designed For Living

Our experienced in house buying team have a wealth of experience sourcing and developing products from across the globe. We visit factories, trade and trend forecasting shows to hunt out the best for our clients. We develop products closely with our trusted supply chain, always with our end user at the front of mind ensuring every detail is perfect.


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Interested In Our Buying Seasons?

If you'd like to know more about our seasonal approach, trend forecasting or scheduling for your own project then please get in touch. We'd be happy to share our thoughts based on your timelines.

Custom & Bespoke

Sutton Court, Sutton LOFT

Specialist Suppliers To Meet Bespoke Needs

Every project is different, and an opportunity to evolve ideas, bring new concepts to life and build spaces for the future, together. We work with suppliers who can meet specialist needs, ensuring that, whatever the requirements of our customers, we can bring them to life. If that means travelling across the country to track down the perfect artisan piece, we're on it.

From fitted cabinets and reception counters, to headboards and banquette seating, we can cover all the requirements for a property or building. And with a huge array of fabric and material options we can capture whatever style you are looking for. Looking for something more specialised? Like games tables, plants or lighting? We're all over that too. Because we know that often it's the details that make the difference.

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Having worked with LOFT over the course of several projects, the diligence and consistency shown to get the job done teamed with a great range of quality products on offer, means we look forward to a continued working relationship with them on future developments.Moorfield