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Assembly & Installation Service

As LOFT offers an end-to-end experience, we want to give you full flexibility to choose your experience with us. Our servicing offering has become completely transparent as we’re offering you a more personalised LOFT experience. We’ve reduced the prices across our complete range, giving you the chance to add assembly and installation only where you want it


Our prices have been stripped back so you only need to pay for what you’re using, for both service and product. By tailoring your order and paying for only those services you need, you’ll still have access to the same great LOFT service, all while making it your own. This flexibility ensures it will be kind to your furnishing budget while maximising your interiors; win-win.


Adding installation to your order will take the pressure off both you and your residents and ensure the furniture is installed safely and correctly. From daily deliveries to larger project installations, we can ensure your brand-new interior furnishings are immediately ready to use. Offering products pre-assembled or requiring minimal assembly on site, we can distribute and install quickly and without disruption.


LOFT can also happily remove and recycle any existing furniture when delivering and installing new pieces, so what happens to the old ones?


Our concentrated sustainability measure ensures LOFT doesn’t do landfills. We proudly hold a 98% landfill diversion rate from all furniture removed from any property. We sort and separate all cardboard and plastic on site and any suitable second-hand furniture is reused and repaired and, where possible, donated to one of the many local charities we work with. Anything non-recyclable will be collected by waste management companies and sent to an RDF facility to generate sustainable power.