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From the sourcing of our supply chain, to the lifecycle of our products, LOFT is committed to creating a more sustainable future


The term ‘sustainability’ is widely used - but are we truly acknowledging what it stands for? At LOFT, we push further to achieve authentic sustainability and do everything we can not just for the property furnishing sector, but our planet.

The principles of sustainability refer to the three core concepts of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. We allow these principles to guide our decisions throughout the whole business - from procurmenet to delivery and everything in-between, we are constantly pushing sustainability measures.

What Do They Mean?

Environmental sustainability is the responsibility to conserve natural resources and protect global ecosystems to support health and wellbeing, now and in the future. Our strict ethics surrounding our supply chain and procurement ensures our furniture reflects this.

Social sustainability is about identifying and managing business impacts, both positive and negative, on people. Our People First ethos drives our various community initiatives to ensure we always give back more than we take.

Economic sustainability is a vital part of sustainability and means that we must use, safeguard and sustain resources to create long-term sustainable values by optimal use, recovery and recycling. We proudly hold a 98% landfill diversion rate due to our recycling, upcycling and donation infrastructure.


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We Plant One Tree In The UK For Every Apartment We Furnish

In 2020 we partnered with Gone West to help create a more sustainable world, committing to plant a tree for every apartment we furnish. Together we aren't just thinking about sustainability, we’re taking affirmative measures. Real people making a real difference.

LOFT have planted 5000+ trees to date and all trees have been hand-planted by LOFT employees. It is greatly beneficial for LOFT employees to personally plant these trees as it gives a hands-on perspective of the company's commitment to sustainability and also gives a sense of collective accomplishment.

Every tree planted is another step closer to our ultimate goal of Net Zero, the ultimate achievement of mirroring our ambitious sustainability goals and company vision.



Planet Approved Products

Part of our commitment to social sustainability comes in the form of furniture donations to many wonderful charities nationwide. Everyone should have the opportunity to call a place home and have a sanctuary to feel safe and comforted in. That is why we partner with homeless chairty Lotus Sanctuary. We donate a large range of LOFT furniture to furnish the homes within the Lotus Sanctuary network, the majority of the furniture supplied is either returned orders or ex-display. In some companies, this category of furniture would be counted as “unusable” – but not at LOFT. We saw the opportunity to not only help people in need and help create home environments but also keep the landfills that bit emptier by upcycling our furniture to give it a second life.



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