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The build to rent lifestyle has caught on so fast for one key reason; it simply works for the modern-day renter. Build to rent provides a way for residents to relax and socialise with like-minded individuals, to make friends without the worry of being tied down to one spot.

The freedom that build to rent brings is growing in popularity even among families. We’re seeing more family-centric developments, where children have more playmates than ever and a great selection of activities to keep them busy.

It’s our role to create environments where friendships can thrive and daily pressures are forgotten. Through strategic interior design and purpose-built furniture, your build to rent projects can give residents the life they’ve envisioned for themselves and their families.

Build to rent Projects with LOFT

What do residents expect from Build to Rent?

Build to Rent developments should be fully centred around residents. They lead busy lives and want to come home after a hard day without encountering any more stress. Ultimately, residents expect ease and convenience from Build to Rent. They want all aspects of modern living to be instantly available to them in the form of amenities.

Social areas are also a major deciding factor for potential residents. Not only do they want to enjoy a cup of coffee from the cafe downstairs or work up a sweat in the gym, they want their neighbours to join them. This is how they build strong connections that turn into friendships.

People drawn to Build to Rent want to experience a stress-free home life while making friends with similar-minded residents. It’s tough for renters to make time for themselves, as work and family commitments take up a huge part of their day. By focussing on the two elements that matter most to residents, your Build to Rent projects will provide a solution to their biggest problems.

How Build to Rent Interior Design Makes a Difference

By our very nature, humans are sociable. We want to meet up and engage with each other, but we also want to enjoy our surroundings. A poorly designed space in Build to Rent can turn residents away, as comfort is just as important to them as the company they keep.

Focus on big, open spaces for communal areas for your Build to Rent projects. Many residents should be able to meet up at any one time without feeling overcrowded, which will help them to relax and mingle. However, furniture and seating shouldn’t be arranged so everyone is far apart. There’s a fine balance between creating space while encouraging interaction.

It’s also important to keep your target market in mind. Millennials and Gen Z show the most interest in Build to Rent, but other demographics see the benefit of the rental lifestyle as well. Families will want more child-friendly design features such as furniture with no edges, brightly coloured interiors and a soft play area.

There’s no one particular way to approach Build to Rent interior design. Each development is unique, and your approach has to be tailored to the target market. LOFT specialises in getting to know the ins and outs of your development and residents. From Build to Rent projects with the young and carefree in mind to schemes designed for families and even retirees, we have the knowledge and expertise to create the perfect spaces in Build to Rent.

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Approaching Build to Rent Projects the LOFT Way

LOFT has worked on countless build to rent developments over the last 19 years, and our approach ensures you receive a comprehensive service that centres around the wellbeing of your residents.

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Project Management

We have the skills and resources to manage projects of all scales. Our interior designers and installation team can work cohesively with your own trade partners, or we can enlist the help of our own trusted collaborators.

You’ll benefit from regular updates, and a professional approach from your LOFT project manager.

Project Management

Delivery & Installation

A flexible delivery and installation service ensures your furniture and fittings are ready when you are. We can accommodate for moved timescales and we offer key collection to help ease the burden.

LOFT can assemble and install all your ordered furniture in the right rooms while carrying out comprehensive safety checks.

Delivery & Installation

Waste Management & Recycling

LOFT is committed to making a positive impact, which is why waste management and recycling forms such a significant part of our business.

Where possible we ethically dispose, repurpose and recycle old furniture, packaging and even mattresses so they avoid going to landfill.

Salvageable furniture is given a new lease of life and donated to good causes such as Mustard Tree.

Waste Management & Recycling

Aftercare & Maintenance

After your Build to Rent project has been delivered, LOFT is still on hand to offer help. We provide a like-for-like replenishment service that means you’ll always find a match for any furniture that needs replacing.

Make sure to reach out regularly for more advice on interior design as well.

Aftercare & Maintenance

Build to Rent Furniture

Keeping residents happy isn’t a straightforward task, but there are lots of ways to create the perfect living environment. Build to rent furniture is specifically designed for the rental market, meaning it’s:

  • Appealing
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Cost-effective

Quality communal and living spaces provide residents with the touch of luxury they’re looking for in accommodation. In turn, this improves their happiness levels, and gives them a reason to emotionally connect with their surroundings. The more your development feels like home to residents, the less likely it is that they’ll ever want to leave. To keep that feeling alive and well, your furniture has to resonate with them. With years of experience supplying the build to rent sector, we know exactly what today’s resident is looking for.

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We have over 19 years of experience in the BTR sector, creating fantastic living spaces, social spaces and providing quality furniture designed specifically for the rental market. When you partner with LOFT, you gain access to our insights and our connections. We also provide a comprehensive service, which includes project management and clear-ups. You and your team can focus on other key issues while LOFT handles all your design and future requirements.

Every build to rent project we have a helping hand in is unique, as our aim is to set each development apart, to give residents something they haven’t experienced before. No matter how bespoke you need our services to be, we can accommodate. From tailor-made furniture to one-off design work, we have the connections needed to meet your requests. Please note that made-to-order items may incur extra costs.