Single Family Housing

LOFT is leading the way with providing interior design for the emerging Single Family Housing sector

What is Single Family Housing?

Single Family Housing is an emerging property sector which provides high quality rental houses in suburban and rural locations.

These aren’t just any houses; they are intended to be long-term homes for their residents. They are professionally developed, expertly managed and cleverly designed to be perfect for families. Making renting a viable option for families to rely on for years to come and offering a high quality home for them to put down roots.

This sector gives people even more choice of where they would like to live, diversifying the housing mix. It also encourages the building of more houses of every tenure across the UK.

The demand for Single Family Housing is rapidly growing and LOFT is there to answer the call. We have already established ourselves as the go-to interior design specialists for this sector thanks to our extensive experience, wide range of furniture ready to go and people-first values.

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Demographics of the sector

Although anyone can rent in the Single Family Housing sector, the target demographics skew a little older than some rental properties – these developments aim to attract those 35+ and with families.

The priorities of Single Family Housing developments are different to other rental sectors. For example, BTR developments tend to feature amazing, shared amenity spaces and proximity to public transport is key. For Single Family Housing, some of the most important factors are:

  • Easy workplace connectivity
  • Proximity to good schools
  • Access to green space

According to research into the sector from Knight Frank, the current ‘sweet spot’ in terms of scheme size is around 125 units.

The Essential Furnishing Handbook

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How LOFT works with Single Family Housing

LOFT has always been an innovative company, able to meet the demands of new property sectors as they arise. We are committed to supporting the delivery of quality housing across the UK.

LOFT is perfectly placed to provide high quality interior design and furniture to the Single Family Housing market due to several factors, including:


This is in part thanks to our nationwide capabilities – with two warehouses (in Manchester and London) with a total space of 120,00sqft  we are able to deliver furniture across the country. For markets such as Single Family Housing, which are primarily based across suburban and rural areas, this accessibility is key.

Installation and Removals

LOFT’s expert installation teams can assemble furniture exactly where it’s needed. Meaning there’s minimal disruption to family life.

Another service we can provide is the option to remove old furniture which is being replaced by LOFT furniture. This is perfect for Single Family Homes, where the often-busy households require an easy, fast and efficient furniture replacement.

As well as removing the old furniture, we can remove all the product packaging. Again, this saves the residents any hassle. Plus, LOFT boasts a 98% Landfill Diversion rate, so people can feel at ease knowing that their old furniture is either going to be recycled or donated (potentially to be loved by another UK family).

Furniture designed for Single Family Housing

LOFT has a wide range of furniture available to suit different types of accommodation, including the perfect furniture for Single Family Housing properties.

The types of furniture we find to be ideal for single family housing include:

  • Durable furniture – to last for the longer rental periods
  • Pet and child-proof – perfect for any type of family
  • Suitable for different generations
  • Neutral to go with stuff they’ve collected over the years

This furniture has to be perfect for the long-term rather than trend-based. However, that’s not to say it should be purely functional. By investing in aspirational and stylish furniture, these developments can stand out to tenants rather than just a traditional rental property which hasn’t been professionally interior designed.

People First Furniture

Finally, one of the reasons LOFT leads in the property market is due to our People First Interior Design principles.

This means that for every interior design scheme we create, we have put the people who will be living there first. Designing consciously for their lifestyles and dreams.

These properties are designed to offer a long-term, family base for people, it’s important that their furniture feels homely and inviting, which is at the forefront of our designs for these developments.

Furnished by LOFT

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