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Furniture for Landlords

More people than ever before are seeing the benefits of the rental lifestyle, and the stigmas attached to renting are dissipating. It’s an easy way of life that the UK is welcoming with open arms. The idea of owning a property, sourcing furniture and trying to add value wherever possible isn’t for everyone. It makes sense for many these days to rent, as ownership presents a more hectic lifestyle.

Part of the appeal of renting is that all the hard work is done for residents, including finding the right furniture. As a landlord, potential residents turn to you because they know you can create the most comfortable living space for them. Our landlord furniture collection ensures you deliver on expectations without breaking the bank.

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Take a look at our landlord furniture packs

Landlord furniture packs add a lot of value to rental properties. Our interior design and procurement teams source the best items to include in our packages, and each pack is put together with style in mind. This means all the furnishings will go well together, so you don’t have to spend hours of your own time fashioning perfect living spaces. And because packs are put together based on style, like-for-like replacements are much easier to source if you need replacement pieces.

All of our furniture packs are designed for the rental market. Every piece is durable, and purchasing items in bulk is the best way to reduce costs. Best of all, our delivery and installation team can handle the heavy lifting. 

How landlord furniture lands tenants

Modern life is difficult. With work and family commitments, people have changed their priorities. Instead of finding ways to save money, there’s a greater emphasis on saving time, the most precious commodity that none of us can ever get back.

Our landlord furniture makes saving as much time as possible a reality for your residents and for yourself. LOFT’s interior design and procurement teams source the best products available to ensure your property is appealing and furniture is long-lasting. This means residents don’t have to spend hours and hours searching for their furniture, and neither do you.

Landlord furniture acquired through LOFT goes a long way to helping you land new tenants. We focus on finding pieces that are eye-catching, durable and fit for purpose, so your property is instantly appealing to potential residents.

It’s important to remember that interior design styles can age quickly, and to get the most value out of your landlord furniture, your main priority should be on creating a timeless look. Interior design that solely focuses on the here-and-now will look dated just a few months down the line. Our furniture has constant appeal, and paired with our latest accessories range, you can create spaces that are easy to update as new trends emerge without having to rethink entire living spaces.

"I have been ordering from LOFT for the last few years and every experience is made easy and enjoyable!"

Serena Summan

Our essential landlord services

Interior design and furniture traditionally cause landlords stress which can be easily avoided. LOFT’s essential landlord services mean you’ll never have to handle those issues on your own again.

A Dedicated Account Manager

We keep things straightforward, so you’ll be assigned a dedicated account handler who will be your main point of contact. If you need to order replacement furniture, you’d like to discuss our latest products, rearrange a delivery or need a general update, your account manager will ensure everything is arranged.

Stress-Free Delivery

Life is hectic. If you need furniture as soon as possible and you, your resident or property manager is unavailable, we offer a key collection service, so everything can be delivered without any rescheduling. LOFT’s delivery and installation team can work around you and your residents. With distribution centres in Manchester and London, we can reach most rental properties in the country with next day delivery. And, if you're taking advantage of our key collection service, we will return them at your convenience.

Expert Installation

When you buy furniture from us, you shouldn’t be the one who has to put it together. Our flexible pricing structure ensures you can add this service to relieve any stress. We can assemble and install all furniture in the right rooms, carrying out safety checks along the way.

Remove & Recycle

Furniture in rental properties can take a beating. When pieces are no longer fit for use, simply throwing them out should never be an option. Recycling is a huge part of our business ethos. Once we have installed your new furniture, we take away all the packaging and any pieces that you no longer want. We then send salvageable furniture to be given a new lease of life, and recycle materials from items that can’t be fixed up. Our company-wide performance on sustainability is above 90%, and we’re committed to improving this further.


There will be a time when you need furniture replaced immediately. Perhaps the family dinner table is suddenly missing a leg, or the frame of a sofa has been damaged to the point where it’s no longer safe for use. We aim to replace all items within a 24 hour period and, naturally, we double-check the new pieces are safe, durable and fit for purpose.

Interior Design

Residents want to be proud of where they live. Properties should feel like home, which is why our award winning interior design team creates spaces that capture the heart and soul of a family home.

Key landlord statistics

Did you know we conduct our own research into the rental market? We recently spoke to landlords up and down the UK to get their thoughts on how the current situation has affected them, what they expect the future of the rental market will look like and what their plans are going forward.

Our continuing investigations have helped us to tailor our services and products to provide more support where landlords need it the most.

Want to read some of our key findings?

Here are the headlines:

  • "90% of landlords plan to retain or grow their property portfolio"
  • "94% of landlords believe interior design is essential for attracting and retaining tenants"
  • "99% of landlords believe their residents will expect more from them"

Preventing voids with LOFT’s landlord furniture

One of the biggest issues landlords face is void periods. In some cases, voids can’t be helped. Your residents might move on because they need more space or they’ve taken a new job in a different part of the UK. But in most scenarios, residents leave because they’ve found a property in the same area that better suits their requirements.

As a landlord, your role is to provide everything your residents need. By doing this, you give them very little reason to leave when their lease agreement runs out. The rental sector is human-centric. It’s about creating spaces people will love, helping in anyway you can so residents form a connection with where they’re living. After all, there’s only one place where children will lose their first tooth, where couples will spend their first Christmas together, and where opportunities for all unique memories are made.

The more a place feels like home to a resident, the less likely it is they’ll ever want to leave.

Supporting landlords from day one

LOFT began life as Buy To Let Furnishings, a company that specialised in providing landlords with quality furniture that met all the needs of residents at a cost-effective price. While we’ve grown in the last 19 years, supporting landlords and making the rental market affordable and accessible for all is still one of the key aims of our business.

Many of our clients are still with us from day one. We understand the market, we understand landlords and we understand the resident's mindset. Delivering on your needs is just as important as fulfilling the needs of your residents, so let us know exactly what you need from our services, and we’ll make your rental property stand out from the rest.

The Essential Furnishing Handbook

Download our guide on standing out from the competition and attracting high-quality tenants.


Strictly speaking, a landlord doesn’t have to provide furniture for their residents, but rental properties that are practically empty don’t make any impact. Remember that this is a highly competitive market. If you don’t provide potential residents with what they need, they’ll look elsewhere. We recommend giving them as a minimum: - A sofa and armchair - Media unit - Coffee table and sideboard - Bed - Wardrobe - Bedside table - Dining table and chairs - An office desk and chair for WFM

Your residents are paying for quality living conditions and that’s what you need to provide. If furniture has seen a lot of wear-and-tear or if it’s not long safe or fit for use, it should be replaced to keep your residents happy. Make sure to keep an inventory of all items you have provided and their condition before your residents move in. In cases where the resident is at fault for serious damage, you may be allowed to keep some of their deposit to pay for replacement pieces. Anything that’s listed in the inventory should be replaced when necessary, as it forms part of the agreement between you and your residents. For example, if they’re paying extra for a fully furnished flat and you provided them with a sofa, it’s your responsibility to replace it if need be.

LOFT has two dedicated warehouses, one close to our head office in Manchester, and one based in the heart of London. This means we can reach most mainland UK rental properties, deliver and install all items within 24 hours. For more bespoke and specialised items and services, our turnaround is 3–4 days. You will always be kept up to date with our delivery schedule, and our team will call one hour before we arrive to say we’re on our way.

The best landlords buy their furniture from suppliers who are established in the rental market. LOFT specifically provides furniture that’s meant for rental properties, as we understand you need to get the most value out of pieces installed. Residents can damage pieces, which is why durability is key. Our furniture is made from strong materials that can last for over several tenancy agreements. Buying from specialist landlord furniture suppliers such as ourselves also gives you more reassurance. We can replace damaged items like-for-like in as little as 24 hours, and you also benefit from our installation and recycling services.

If you agree to let your property partly or fully furnished, you will take on a degree of responsibility. Items you buy have to adhere to UK safety standards, meeting the requirements set out for the sector. Furniture that is damaged beyond repair and unsafe to use has to be replaced by the landlord if furnishing comes under the tenancy agreement. However, if a resident was responsible for the damage and it goes past basic wear-and-tear, you can keep part of their deposit to pay for replacement pieces.

The average mattress in rental properties should be replaced every 8–10 years, or when it becomes damaged, whichever comes first. You can extend the life of your mattresses by purchasing through a specialist rental furniture supply company, flipping mattresses in between tenancies, using a mattress protector to keep it fresh and hygienic, and by adding a mattress topper to prolong the comfort aspect.