HMO Refurbishment

HMO property renovation services from LOFT that land you long-lasting residents.

HMO Refurbishment

An HMO is much more than just a place where several individuals live. With the right touches, HMOs provide a great opportunity for your residents to truly enjoy a shared living experience, making friends with their housemates and forming strong bonds. LOFT’s concept of People First Design ensures your HMO refurbishment creates an inclusive and welcoming environment for all your residents.

We’ve been supporting HMO landlords since 2003, studying the market thoroughly and tailoring our services to meet the needs of you and your tenants. This is why we provide a full service from the initial consultation stage all the way to project management.

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HMO designs that create a community

HMOs are some of the most lucrative investment properties in the private rental sector. The demand for them has risen by around 25% in the last decade, providing savvy landlords with gross yields of 15% if not higher. But potential residents don’t want to spend all their time in their private rooms. They want to interact with the other housemates and experience a community-based lifestyle. This is why it’s so important to consider the type of residents you’re looking to attract and the HMO designs that will appeal to the market.

Students and young professionals often rent HMOs, so it’s important to instil character into your communal spaces. Striking colour schemes, plenty of comfortable furniture and a purpose-driven layout will encourage residents to spend more time in shared rooms such as the lounge or dining room.

When thinking about HMO designs, it’s arguably the layout that’s most important. Furniture has to be arranged so everyone can gather around with ease. They need to be able to speak without shouting, but they also need plenty of elbow room so they don’t feel cramped.

The little touches when it comes to an HMO refurbishment. Does everyone have a place to put their drink? Can residents move freely between furniture without stepping on someone’s toes or banging their legs? Does everyone have a good view of the TV for movie night? By remembering the main reason why HMOs appeal to potential residents in the first place, you can put together the perfect property that encourages social interaction.

The LOFT HMO Process



Site Visit

Site Visit

Concept Design

Concept Design



Project Management

Project Management

Installation & Final Dressing

Installation & Final Dressing

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When is an HMO property renovation needed?

An HMO property renovation is needed when your rental is falling short of its purpose. Residents want to enjoy the company of their housemates, but they also want their own room to be a private sanctuary, somewhere they can turn to for peace and quiet.

Your HMO designs should be put together with this in mind. They’re not just houses with multiple occupants, they’re also houses with multiple needs and functions. By delivering on the points that matter most to your residents, you’re keeping them happy and giving them very little reason to move out when their tenancy agreement comes to an end.

A complete HMO property renovation is more or less an additional investment into the success of your rental. Reconfiguring your space, being economical with room sizes, overhauling your HMO furniture collection and redecorating brings your property right up to date, and also means you can ask for a higher rental figure due to the improved quality of living.

Managing full HMO property renovations

LOFT provides a comprehensive service, meaning will have all the skills, knowledge and contacts to project manage your HMO property renovation. We take the time to listen to your needs, and we’ll make suggestions based on our experience to help you get the most out of your property.

We can work either our own trusted trade network or your own connections, offering a personal service that’s design-led and commercially minded. So, what’s included in our HMO refurbishment package? Take a look:

  • Concept design
  • Procurement
  • Decoration & installation
  • Electrical work
  • Flooring
  • Remedial work
  • Window treatments
  • Finishing touches

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Choosing the right HMO furniture

Choosing the right HMO furniture for your rental property can be difficult, but if you know exactly what to look for, the process is much more straightforward.There are two parties that need keeping happy; yourself and your residents. The pieces installed have to work in your favour and theirs, which is why you should go through this checklist when sourcing HMO furniture:


Furniture in high traffic areas such as the lounge needs to be incredibly durable, as many people will be using the sofas and chairs throughout the day. This is why pieces from your average high street store won’t do. They’re not built for the rental market, so they don’t last as long.

When you source items through a specialist supplier, you’re putting your HMO refurbishment on the right track. Pieces crafted specifically for the rental market are made from more durable materials and have stronger supports.This means your HMO furniture breaks less and needs replacing less often.


The safety of your residents will naturally be one of your biggest concerns, so it pays to know your furniture meets British Safety Standards. At LOFT, we source all our pieces from reputable suppliers, meaning we take every precaution to ensure materials are flame resistant and items are unlikely to break causing injury.

Luckily, there are very few HMO furniture providers in the UK who would stock unsafe pieces, but given that you have a responsibility to your residents’ welfare, you should always double-check that products adhere to the latest safety guidelines.


Quality furniture at the right price used to be hard to come by, but the relationships we’ve built with our suppliers over the last 18 years means we’re able to find the best pieces to suit all markets and budgets.It’s important to remember that cheap doesn’t mean cost-effective if you're constantly replacing HMO furniture, and luxury doesn’t have to mean expensive if you know where to look.

LOFT has found the perfect balance between cost and quality, so make sure to ask our staff about the HMO furniture we have in stock. To save on time and to get the best deals, don’t forget to ask about our HMO furniture packages, a range of pre-selected packs put together by our award-winning Interior Design team.


In order to bring residents out of their rooms and into the communal areas, spaces have to be inviting. Comfortable HMO furniture is the best way to ensure residents will spend time together, as they’ll all want to relax in a cosy chair with great company after a long day.

Worried that the furniture for your HMO property renovation won’t fit the bill? Arrange a viewing at our Manchester or London showrooms, and you can test the comfort and quality of our stock for yourself.


There’s one key thing you need to keep in mind when planning your HMO refurbishment; your rental property isn’t just an investment, it’s a home to many people, and they want to be proud of where they live.

Anything installed in your HMO has to be aesthetically pleasing. Boring colours, bland materials and a style that wouldn’t look out of place in a history museum won’t wow your residents, so be bold, be brave, and let us put together a space that you too would be happy to live in.