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Take advantage of the ever growing community living trend with high quality co living furniture that your tenants will love

The Co Living Lifestyle

The co living lifestyle is becoming ever more prominent in the UK. Steadily rising housing prices, and issues with availability in urban areas have meant that many young professionals are simply unable to afford or find a place to call their own. People are expecting more for their money too, such as high quality amenities and having everything included in one monthly payment. Another factor fuelling the co living phenomenon is the changing nature of society. More people are either working remotely or splitting their time between home and the office, creating a greater need for a sense of community and belonging. Co living offers all of this, and much more besides. 

Although it may not seem like it, the core concept of co living is nothing new. Purpose built student accommodation has been around for decades, with residents having private bedrooms and shared access to communal kitchens and lounging areas. With co living, additional recreational areas are added to the mix — such as gyms, coworking spaces, coffee shops, restaurants and cinemas. Everything tenants could possibly want is under one roof, giving them the perfect combination of community and privacy. All of this makes co living a fantastic choice for landlords looking to diversify their portfolio and make a greater return on their investment.

Should landlords decide to go down this route, the next thing to consider will be co living design. Much like student accommodation, the environment must be stylish, comfortable, and inviting — with beautiful furniture that’s fit for purpose, hard wearing, and conforms to multiple safety regulations. While this may seem like a tall order, getting everything taken care of is incredibly straightforward if you know who to work with. LOFT’s award winning interior designers are adept at creating stunning concepts that your tenants will love. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more about what we can do for you. 

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Co Living Design in Action

Get a behind the scenes look at LOFT’s involvement with Scape, the award winning co living development in Guildford. 

Co Living furniture made easy

There’s so much to consider with communal living design that it can often feel like an uphill struggle to get everything sorted. Not only will you have an entire property to furnish, but you’ll also need to think about the latest styles and make your dwelling as inviting and comfortable as possible for potential tenants. In addition, everything you purchase has to be able to cope with high traffic areas, be fit for purpose, and conform with various safety regulations. This issue is compounded further if you have multiple properties in your portfolio. Thankfully, you don’t need to go it alone, as our co living furniture packs are here to help.

Ideal when designing for shared living, these collections contain everything from large items such as sofas, chairs, and dining tables to soft furnishings like cushions, rugs, and throws. We even provide kitchen items such as appliances and crockery. As a result, co living landlords can rest assured that their needs and those of their tenants will be completely taken care of. From consultation and design to delivery and aftercare, we manage the entire process so you don’t need to worry. 

The benefits of Co Living for landlords

From high demand for properties and a greater level of control, to the prospect of higher returns on investment and guaranteed year round income, there are many benefits of co living for landlords to enjoy. With so much on offer, now is the right time to consider adding co living spaces to your property portfolio. 

In Demand

The concept of co living is becoming ever more popular. With young professionals eschewing traditional forms of renting in favour of the greater flexibility and financial security that co living provides, this represents a perfect opportunity for landlords to cater for this emerging market and reap all the benefits it can bring.

High returns

It’s estimated that tenants can spend around 35% of their income on rent, and with graduates or other young professionals earning considerably more than university students, it quickly becomes clear that co living will be more profitable. Because rent is payable on the individual bedrooms rather than the whole property, there’s even more ways of profiting.

Greater control

Additional services such as cleaning can be offered as part of your all inclusive agreement with tenants. Not only does this mean they are relieved of the mundane chores associated with keeping the place presentable, but it also ensures you can be confident that your property will be in pristine condition at all times. Complete peace of mind for you.

Year round income

While student accommodation remains a great source of income for landlords, the fact of the matter is you will only be able to collect rent for up to ten months in a year, while the rest of the time is often spent repairing any damage. Co living means you’ll receive income each and every month, reducing the hassle and ensuring there’s more money in your pocket.

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How LOFT helps with designing for shared living


There’s no one size fits all solution to communal living design. This is why we’ll take the time to thoroughly understand your goals and requirements. Our team will then use this information to devise what they believe is the ideal solution to suit you. 


The right co living design concept can make your tenants feel completely at home. Our award winning interior designers know exactly how to make stunning interiors that not only attract attention, but are also comfortable and inviting.


Waiting around for a furniture delivery can be stressful. We take away all the hassle by arranging a date and time that suits you. It’s our priority to get your products to you as soon as possible, with many of our packages suitable for next day delivery. 


There’s nothing more frustrating than putting together flat pack furniture, so why bother? We’ll not only deliver your co furniture, but also install everything at your premises and take away all the rubbish — leaving no mess.


They say everything has its place, which is why we’ll meticulously position your furniture in its optimum location, so you can make the most of your items straight away. We think of everything so you don’t have to.


While some furniture providers say goodbye after delivery, we offer ongoing support and advice whenever it’s required. From questions about design trends to issues with repairs, we’re always here to help. 

Meet our Co Living design team

Our team are experts in designing for shared living. Benefit from the knowledge of our award winning designers and ensure your co living design plans will appeal to the market and attract your ideal tenants. 

Co Living FAQs

Co living is a community living concept where residents have a private bedroom, often with an ensuite, in a furnished dwelling with shared communal space. It is extremely popular amongst young professionals as it enables them to split the cost of amenities and engage regularly with other like minded people.

Co living works on the premise of openness and collaboration, often with a focus on shared spaces and values. The concept can take many forms, from large developments with luxury amenities, to smaller single family houses. It offers residents the opportunity to reduce costs and have more flexibility with short term leases.

The concept of co living offers tremendous benefits for both landlords and tenants alike. It provides landlords with an opportunity to maximise their investment by catering for more tenants per property. Residents have fewer commitments, can share costs, and experience living with compatible individuals whose company they can enjoy.

Absolutely. It’s entirely possible to rent co living furniture if you would like to avoid the expense and hassle of purchasing everything outright. We offer an extensive collection of co living furniture packs that provide everything you could possibly need for your property. Find out more here.