Starter Kitchen Pack

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Everything you need for your kitchen. The Starter Kitchen Pack Includes: Dinner Plate White x 4 Side Plate x 4 Cereal Bowl White 16cm x 4 Latte Mug White 12oz x 4 Table Knife x 4 Table Fork x 4 Dessert Spoon x 4 Teaspoon x 4 Tumbler Glass 12oz x 4 Wine Glass x 4 Knife Block IV x 1 Peeler x 1 Premium Can Opener x 1 Corkscrew Wing Style x 1 Black Nylon Solid Spoon x 1 Black Nylon Masher x 1 Black Nylon Ladle x 1 Black Nylon Slice/Turner 1 x 1 Black Nylon Slotted Spoon x 1 Kitchen Scissors x 1 Chopping Board x 1 Non-Stick Pan Set - 3pc x 1 Steel Oven Tray x 1 Plastic Cutlery Tray Small x 1 Grater x 1 Tea Towel x 1 Colander x 1