Build To Rent | Apex Gardens, Tottenham

How we rejuvenated an area and re-connected a community through People First Design

BTR’s are more than just apartments. They are established communities given the space to flourish, they are a rejuvenating development for an area, they are spaces that understand peoples’ wants and needs and so much more.

We understand the BTR sector better than anyone, as the key to understanding the sector is firstly understanding the most integral factor: the residents. Resident experience lies at the heart of every decision made through the LOFT process, that is why we are such a compatible partner for BTR.

Years of experience paired with ceaseless listening and learning, we have formed a holistic understanding of how people live, work and relax and what transforms a property into a home.

What really spoke to us about Apex Gardens and what sparked the creative fire for the design to truly take off was the real connection that Grainger wanted to make with the families in the area; to unite and create a community within this area of Tottenham that had been unloved and overlooked in recent years.

The theme that was organically emerging from the understanding of the area and the families within it was the prospect of bringing a positive impact through regeneration in the area and giving it a new lease of life.

We were inspired by the character of the area and wanted to celebrate it by reflecting it in our design. We drew on the Japanese philosophy of ‘Wabi-Sabi’ as inspiration, a philosophy that prizes authenticity, simplicity, understated elegance and finds beauty in imperfection.

Our Design team achieved this vision by conducting the perfect harmony of materials, textures and warmth within the design. They also seamlessly integrated durable, family-friendly materials into the paired back aesthetic inspired by Wabi-Sabi while keeping it aspirational and beautiful.

Solid mango woods were used throughout, which have natural textures and knots in the surface which combined the idea of natural imperfections and beauty while also providing a robust material. Earthy tones, terracotta’s and burnt oranges were paired with the raw textured woods to create contrast and warmth. Clean, black ironmongery offset the design to add balance and a contemporary, fresh finish.

The Result?

161 beautifully designed and furnished apartments that reflect and rejuvenate the area and are also packed with character, functionality and beauty.


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