Student Furniture

Creating a home from home environment for students through design and focusing on well-being.

Student Furniture

University is more difficult for students than perhaps we realise. For many, it will be their first time away from home, in a new city with no friends and with instant pressure to succeed in their studies. They may be adults, but they’re still young and finding their way in the world. An inviting and supportive student accommodation will help bring structure to their lives, setting them up for higher education and a life beyond studies.

Our purpose is to create a safe place for students, an environment that encourages them to interact with each other and a place to relax after tough lectures, seminars and exams.

Interior design and quality student accommodation approved furniture play a significant role in putting students at ease and taking away some of the burden of university life. And the more positive an environment you provide, the greater successes you’ll see.

With over 19 years' experience as a trusted furnishing partner to major developers, you can rely on LOFT to take the lead on your next Co-Living project.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you to furnish your next student property.

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Frequently asked questions

When furnishing student accommodation, it’s important to keep both style and practicality in mind. Students want to be proud of where they live, and quality furnishings certainly help. But there’s no point in furniture if it can’t be used properly. Imagine your communal dining area only has a small table installed. It’s a stunning table, but there are 10 students all trying to crowd around it to eat. Instead, some decide to leave, and they miss out on what would have been a good bonding experience. Always be thinking about how students will take to your furniture. If it suits their needs, then you’re contributing to a better uni experience.

A student’s furniture requirements are similar to everyone else’s. They’ll need as minimum: - A sofa and armchair - Media unit - Coffee table and sideboard - Bed - Wardrobe - Bedside table - Dining table and chairs - An office desk and chair for studying

There are two main things you need to know about student furniture; it needs to be durable and it needs to be safe. Items bought specifically with the target market in mind will last a lot longer than pieces purchased from the average high street shop. Sourcing your furnishings from student accommodation furniture specialists ensures pieces are strong and low maintenance. Furniture also needs to be safe. This is why LOFT can source and supply furniture that is Crib 5 compliant. Our delivery team will assemble and install all furniture as well to guarantee it has been constructed safely and securely. Before leaving the property, safety checks will be carried out as well.