Tobacco Warehouse

Show Home | Liverpool


Harcourt House Developments


  • Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool

  • 2-bedroom Show Home

  • 50 units furnished by LOFT

  • Grade II listed

The largest brick warehouse in the world

LOFT is the sole furniture supplier for Tobacco Warehouse, luxury apartments housed in the largest brick warehouse in the world.

Landmark Liverpool Development

LOFT created a show home for Tobacco Warehouse, a landmark
development on the Liverpool Waterfront. The show home was brimming with character to reflect the vibrant history and bustling present and future of the region.

The largest brick warehouse in the world

Iconic building

Tobacco Warehouse is vast, industrial and makes a statement. This docklands warehouse is the largest brick building in the world.

It’s one mile north of Liverpool’s city centre, and part of the Atlantic Corridor development – an up-and-coming neighbourhood.

Originally built in 1901 as a tobacco warehouse, it has since also homed a market, a nightclub and is now bringing new life to the area as large, waterfront apartments.

Tobacco Warehouse Liverpool Sideboard and chair with artwork

Show home interior design

Tobacco Warehouse’s vibrant history, industrial style, emerging location and nautical views provided plenty of interior design inspiration.

So LOFT chose to incorporate them all.

By celebrating the building’s original architectural detailing and designs, our concepts worked in perfect harmony within the space while remaining modern and unapologetic.

Interior design elements

  • A glass dining table to allow natural light to flow through the dining/kitchen area
  • A scalloped bedhead which gave a 1920s style - the decade of decadence
  • A cosy, comfortable corner sofa with plenty of space to properly relax

Filling the space

A challenge LOFT’s Interior Design team was conscious of was the size of the apartments.

Tobacco Warehouse’s living areas are exceptionally large with double-height ceilings and large glass windows. This gave the apartments great natural light and a feeling of spaciousness.

LOFT needed to find the balance of creating this exciting show home. We didn’t want to overfill the space, as too strong of a style could alienate potential residents or buyers. Conversely, not enough furniture would leave the space feeling empty and unfinished.

We created different seating areas, artwork which spanned the two floors, and statement furniture which had a lot of personality to make the most of the space.

Furnishing Living Room in Tobacco Warehouse Liverpool


The developer was very impressed with LOFT and the high quality of this show home. We collaborated further by becoming the sole supplier of furniture for Tobacco Warehouse. 

To do this, LOFT created a bespoke, branded website for Tobacco Warehouse. Here, residents could ‘shop the look’ of the show home, making it extremely easy for them to buy furniture which they knew would look great in the apartments.

We also furnished 50 of the apartments at Tobacco Warehouse for future residents.

The key to LOFT interior design

This showhome was such a big success, in part due to LOFT's commitment to People-First interior design. We go beyond creating interiors solely around developments or furniture. LOFT show homes are imagined for the people who will be living there.

Bedroom with bed and cortona bedside table, Tobacco Warehouse, Liverpool Waterfront

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