Cheers to LOFT's Alcohol Free Property Networking Success

The premise was simple, LOFT set out to create a networking event free from the pressures of drinking alcohol. But as this captured the imaginations of property professionals, the event grew to be bigger and more diverse than we could have imagined.

Property Networking Reinvented

LOFT wanted to create an inclusive, fun, healthy, networking environment to kick off 2024. Where attendees could relax without worrying about being socially excluded because they have chosen not to drink on that occasion.

The event was also designed to raise awareness and donations for Alcohol Change UK, a charity which works towards a society free from the harm caused by alcohol. It is not an anti-alcohol charity, but one that strives to change attitudes toward alcohol consumption.

How the event came to be

The story starts in late 2023 when LOFT volunteered to furnish the mezzanine event space above the General Store at KAMPUS in Manchester.

Our furniture was used to create a stylish co-working/seating area where people could escape from the busy city to a spacious and calm setting. At this space, there was another pop up – Love From Co – a new, alcohol-free bar.

From there, the two businesses decided to collaborate on an event to kick off 2024.

LOFT at white city warehouse

LOFT's London Popup

LOFT sponsor social value project “White City Warehouse” with new Pop-Up in West London opening 5th February.

Keynote speakers

As the event began to take shape, it was clear that the meaning behind it resonated with more of Manchester’s property industry than we ever realised. The guest list was quickly expanding, as was the number of people interested in sharing their stories in keynote speeches.

Karl Considine | LOVE FROM CO

Karl Considine founded Manchester’s alcohol free bar, Love From, with the aim to provide all the buzz of being in an amazing bar without the need to drink alcohol.
Love From launched in October 2023 as an incredibly popular pop-up at Kampus.

Karl is committed to a life of sobriety and challenging the societal pressures that encourage people to drink heavily. By creating Love From, and hosting his podcast, he demonstrates that consuming alcohol is by no means necessary in order to have a good time.

Paul Shakeshaft | CERT Property

CERT manages in excess of 246,000 sq ft of commercial space across Manchester and Liverpool, and 250 residential units. They currently have 2 BTR schemes on site, the 45-unit SONA in Ardwick which is due for completion in Spring 24, and Peelers Yard, 81 units in New Cross where work commenced in January. Both sites have been designed and developed by CERT who will manage the assets in house. CERT life, their tech platform for a simpler yet enhanced tenants' living experience will launch this Spring.

Since joining CERT in 2018, Paul and his team provide a full comprehensive service, ensuring that their clients are maximising their investments.

Catherine Millan | Be what you see

Catherine is an experienced and dedicated advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Her journey through the realms of charitable work, international development, higher education, and healthcare is underpinned by a profound passion for working with people and a resolute commitment to social justice and equality. Catherine founded Be What You See Consultancy to create a more inclusive world, where diversity and equity are not just words but lived principles.

Catherine’s training expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, from Anti-Racism and LGBTQIA+ awareness to Neurodiversity, and the essential elements of Active Bystander theory and education. Her transformative work has touched the lives of both adults and young people, making a tangible impact on their journey towards understanding, inclusion, and equality.

Ryan Hughes | Mr Investa

Mr Investa is an award winning, e-commerce proptech buy-to-let marketplace, based in Media City, Salford Quays. In a world where time and privacy are the most precious commodities, Mr Investa takes the hassle away when purchasing or selling a property. What makes them stand out is the cutting-edge technology used to market the properties and create a smooth process for buyers and sellers. Having Virtual Reality 3D tours, profound 360-degree floor plans, high quality images and videos, gives customers everything they need to view the property from the comfort of their own home, without disturbing the tenant, all whilst still generating income.

A night of success

Due to the ever-expanding guest list, the event was split between the LOFT Pop Up at General Store and the Love From Co bar, both in KAMPUS.

The night started with introductory drinks and live singing from Courtney V Wallis at Love From, before attendees made their way over to the LOFT Pop Up to watch some presentations from the keynote speakers. These covered a range of topics from inclusion training to a brand new launch of the CERT life app.

It was a fascinating panel about where they fit into the property world and some even shared their relationships with alcohol and why a night like this was important to them.
The networking then moved back to the Love From Co bar, where the guests enjoyed some Nell’s Pizzas and delicious alcohol-free cocktails.

The evening truly celebrated the diversity of people in the property sector, without any of the social pressure to continue drinking. A hugely successful night which served as a testament to the inclusivity of the sector.

A different type of networking

In a world often dominated by the clinking of glasses and the hum of background music, this Dry January Property Networking Event was a different take on networking. If you want to be part of our next event register for our emails.

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Cheers to LOFT's Alcohol Free Property Networking Success
LOFT created a networking event free from the pressures of drinking alcohol which captured the imaginations of property professionals

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