Creating a welcoming environment is crucial when it comes to student accommodation.

As the standards of student accommodation continue to rise, it's essential to match students’ expectations with high quality and on-trend furniture and furnishings. Well-designed accommodation can have a profound impact on students’ overall university experience.

However, the type of furniture typically found in rental accommodation may not be the best fit for student lifestyles, even if aesthetically it’s high quality. Putting students’ needs first is the key to successful accommodation with these factors at the forefront of the decision making.

Student furniture seven key features for success

Here are some of the key features that go into creating bedrooms, flats and houses that both undergraduates and postgraduates fall in love with.

1. Durable Furniture

Furniture used in student accommodation needs to stand the test of time. University life is rambunctious, and coupled with students who aren’t used to the responsibility of having their own space, it’s important to invest in durable furniture which will last more than one semester.

Types of furniture to avoid:

  • Decor made from delicate materials
  • Chairs and tables which don’t have sturdy legs
  • Light linens which don’t have stain protection

2. Safety Measures

Safety is paramount in any rental accommodation and is especially
key for large blocks of densely populated university halls. Having furniture which passes the stringent Crib 5 fire regulation can provide peace of mind to students.

3. On-trend furniture

Students and young people are often at the forefront of the latest trends, so furnished accommodation which looks contemporary and isn’t filled with outdated or plain furniture is a great way to appeal to this demographic.


  • Use modern, fun accessories to add personality to a room
  • Choose statement pieces of furniture or wall colours
  • Invest in darker furniture to look modern and have the added
    benefit of longevity

4. Space optimising furniture

Space is often of the essence in student accommodation. By choosing innovative, space-saving solutions, you can maximise available areas while still providing functionality and comfort.

5. Room to study

University students need plenty of space to study, usually in their bedrooms for privacy and allowing them to focus. Accommodation providers should make sure there is room for desks, desk chairs, bookcases and boards for all the students living in a space.

6. Environmentally friendly companies

Another critical factor for students is how environmentally friendly their surroundings are. They are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their choices and seek sustainable living solutions.

They prioritise responsibly sourced materials and eco-friendly products. Also, companies which go beyond a green product range but also prove their eco-friendly credentials through their actions.

7. Welcoming atmosphere

Beyond the practicalities, it's important that furniture contributes to creating an inspiring and welcoming atmosphere that fosters personal growth and academic success.

They’re made up of complementary furniture, so it doesn’t look like your property is straight from an uninspiring catalogue. All this combines to add personality to your property, attracting tenants who want to live in these stylish, aspirational interiors.

Elevating Student

By providing furniture that combines style, durability, and functionality, LOFT empowers students to create personalised and productive environments where they can thrive academically and socially.

LOFT's student furniture range meets these demands by combining practicality with modern aesthetics. It transforms ordinary spaces into vibrant and functional living areas that students can truly call home.

From versatile study desks, comfortable beds, ergonomic chairs, and storage solutions that maximise space efficiency, every piece is selected with careful consideration of both form and function. Whether for a private room or shared living space, LOFT offers a diverse selection of furniture that caters to various layouts and preferences.

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