We worked closely with the COAT team to achieve each of the individual paint schemes that are seen throughout our newest collections within our latest Lookbook.

From the vibrancy found within Geo Retro and the energy seen in Artful, to the more subtle tones of Soulful Ceremony and the moody feeling of Luxe Refined, COAT could see the vision from early on and could simplistically deliver on each brief. The individual colours give each collection a spirit and life of its own, creating the perfect canvas to showcase LOFT’s People First products and interior designs upon.

We hear from our partners at COAT as they explain how their ethos and sustainable infrastructure allows them to stand out from the crowd and help create colourful experiences for all.


Today, luxury isn’t about opulence. Luxury is humble, democratic, and deeply conscious”. Rob Abrahams and Rob Green, founders of hip new paint brand COAT Paints, share how building the next generation of luxury paint brand is about far more than just a glossy image.

The past two years have changed our views on plenty of things. Our time, our relationships, and even our core values. Most people have found themselves with more time at home, to think about their home life and environment. COAT Paints launched in 2020, mid pandemic, with a goal to simplify the clunky paint buying experience and give the luxury paint market a swift kick into the modern world.

“We’ve renovated several houses over the years, and trekking to and from the DIY store for paint tester pots and tiny colour chips left us bored and generally out of time” says Rob Abrahams, co-founder at COAT. “There was a screaming lack of environmental consciousness to the brands and products out there too, with way too much plastic and waste as part of the painting process.”

COAT offers clever Peel & Stick Colour Swatches to help people easily try paint shades at home, without the mess, waste and expense of traditional paint tester pots. It feels like a super simple idea, and with a curated colour palette of just 56 designer shades, COAT is uniquely focused on a ‘less is more’ approach to choosing colour.



COAT’s real-world approach to decorating and focus on customer experience is at the core of its business. There’s a lot of interiors brands out there telling people what they should like. COAT’s approach is different - we respond to what the community wants. Simpler still, what’s going to make your own home a happy place to be? Curating your own style. It offers colours people want and orientates its customer experience around being the ‘phone a friend’ we all need when getting into the depths of DIY issues. 

“Simplifying things for people and making the process super quick and easy is such a big part of the COAT experience” says Rob Green, co-founder at COAT “but beyond that simplicity is a deep-rooted mission to make a positive impact on the planet, and society. Not only through our entirely water-based and low-toxin paints, - but through our broader focus as a regenerative business, where we can stand proudly on every ethical decision we make.”


Not all paint is made equal. And COAT’s high-grade formulations are a cut above. The paints are finished to order, meaning no batch production, no endless warehouse shelves filled with paint that will spoil.

Made with high-calibre, UK-sourced raw materials meaning you’re getting great coverage (fewer coats), velvet-smooth application, rich colour, and finish that lasts. And if that wasn’t enough, the water-based recipe is low VOC and odour, and Vegan too.



COAT is the first Carbon Positive Paint Company, which means the business has taken responsibility for all its Scope 1-3 carbon emissions, and offsets unavoidable emissions by contributing double to UN Gold Standard environmental offsetting projects. 

“The meaning of Luxury has evolved” says Rob. “Luxury is about doing good for yourself and for the world. It’s balanced and democratic. COAT paints are a symbol of that shift in generational perception and environmental responsibility. We’re proudly championing the new way to paint, and firmly becoming the go-to luxury paint brand for the next generation”

To see the full effects COAT paints have on interiors, check out our newest Lookbook to experience how COAT colours give an individual life and spirit to each collection.

And to find out more about COAT Paints visit or follow @coatpaints on Instagram.


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