Sustainability is not just a term we use lightly at LOFT. It is a guiding principle for every aspect of our operations and a core value for our business as a whole. As a People First Company, the ultimate way to put people first is by firstly ensuring our planet is as clean and green as possible. It is important to take a step back and re-evaluate to ensure we are pushing our sustainability measures far enough.




As an interior furnishing company, we install and remove huge quantities of furniture weekly. But by far the most common piece of furniture we have to deal with is mattresses. Mattresses disposal is a problem in the UK as sadly thousands of ‘finished’ mattresses end up in landfills every single day. Over 7 million mattresses were disposed of in 2019 by households, businesses and service providers at great cost and effort. Mattress disposal costs households, businesses and service providers an estimated £20 million, excluding transport and handling costs. It is an issue that affects individuals and businesses in multiple ways but more importantly, it is affecting our planet negatively.


Even though we have partnered with specialist recycling companies for years to recycle the mattresses responsibly, we still felt like there was more to be done for this ongoing problem. That is where Bye Bye Bed comes in. A revolutionary UK based recycling company that creates a sustainable and renewable circular economy from recycled mattress materials. Bye Bye Beds are industry leaders and are paving the way toward a circular, regenerative economy for mattresses and many other products. These mattresses are created from 95% recycled materials, in particular previous mattresses and beds.


Bye Bye Beds divert mattresses and beds from landfills to their specialist centre where they then strip them down into their raw components and begin the manufacturing process of creating a new mattress. As one of these mattresses is then no longer wanted, it can return to be stripped again to create a new one.


This approach of proactive reuse and aggressive minimisation of discard will help prevent a shift from the current landfill crisis to a manufacturing crisis – current industry practice is leading to a landfill mattress ban. By changing this linear culture of “make, break and throw away” to a circular “make, break and re-make” ethos, the list of ecological and economic benefits created for all is endless. 




LOFT are proud and excited to be the exclusive supplier of this new age of sustainable products. The idea of a circular economy is something that we have been incorporating into our practices for years, through our up-cycling of furniture and substantial charity donations. We envisage of future of totally regenerative furniture and furnishings, but to achieve that we need 2 things - the products need to be of high quality and they need to be affordable.


The comfort of these mattresses is a testament to the quality of engineering that goes into creating them. The absolute pinnacle of recycled technology by incorporating built-in sanitized hygiene all topped off by 3-layered memory cooling foam. LOFT wish for every home in the UK, and beyond, to have a Regenerate Mattress so that the circular economy can continue to spin across a larger scale. This is exactly why the prices are so affordable, sustainability should be accessible to all.


Check out our range of Regenerate Mattresses to join the circular economy and be part of the positive change. Sleep easy knowing you put the planet first.


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