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6 Ways to Improve Mental Health Through Interior Design | LOFT
There’s nothing more important than your mental health, and modern life can really take its toll on the mind. A stressful job, a lack of “me time” and feeling isolated or lonely can all affect the wellbeing of your residents. In truth, many different factors play a role, which is why it’s important to find new ways to improve mental health wherever possible.
Why Amenity Spaces Are Key to Build to Rent Developments
When considering amenity spaces, Build to Rent developers should think about what provides actual value to residents as opposed to headline-grabbing novelty. For the amenities to stay current, developers need to retain the ability to reshape the residents offering in response to new trends and the changing demands of residents.
Holiday Let Furnishings Every Serviced Accommodation Property Needs | LOFT
The holiday let market in the UK is booming, and it’s predicted to grow even further post Covid-19. This is due to people wanting to avoid busy hotels and the hassle of travel restrictions. Even before the pandemic and outside of peak times, the UK attracted a huge number of tourists. The UK had 3.2 million foreign visitors in November 2019 followed by a further 2.9 million in December. Tourists need somewhere to stay, and the need for more comfortable, homely accommodation has seen a spike in requests for short term lets over the last few years.  
What Do Students Want From Purpose Built Student Accommodation?
PBSA has a lot to offer students in helping them with their studies and improving their life in general while at university. However, it’s important to understand what students really want from purpose built student accommodation before furnishing.
Ways to Save Money When Buying Furniture for Rental Property | LOFT
How do conversations normally go between you and landlords when it’s time to talk about buying furniture for rental properties? Are they happy to spend a little extra, or are you frequently reminded to go with the most cost-effective option?
The Importance of HMO Interior Design | LOFT
HMO Interior Design helps landlords secure tenants. LOFT discusses how important tailoring interiors for the benefit of residents is.
What is Crib 5?
We take a closer look at the steps involved when issuing furniture with a Crib 5 fire regulation certificate and explain the consequences of using furniture that doesn’t meet regulation standards.
Affordable UK Interior Design Services for International Property Investors
The UK is well known as a haven for international property investors looking to capitalise on the growing success of our nation’s demand for rental properties. According to the Office of National Statistics, the decline in under 65s owning their own property is continuing, meaning more people than ever in the UK are looking for suitable long-term rental accommodation.
What is Good Quality HMO Furniture | LOFT
HMO properties are in high demand. In the last 10 years, the HMO market has been the fastest growing house category, expanding by 25% and bringing in rental yields as high as 15% for savvy landlords. With more people than ever looking at shared housing options, landlords with HMOs as part of their portfolios are set to make very healthy returns.
The Mailbox, Stockport’s First BTR Scheme
Brand new for 2020, The Mailbox is a stunning new Build to Rent scheme located in the centre of Stockport. Built on the site of the former Royal Mail sorting office, the new urban village features 117 apartments built around a stunning atrium.
Stay Productive with Affordable Home Office Furniture
The recent coronavirus outbreak has resulted in many of the UK’s office staff having to work from home. While this can have its benefits — such as getting a few extra minutes in bed and reducing pollution levels — it’s important not to let your work/home life balance become too disrupted. According to Workplace Insight, around one third of the British population would avoid working from home if they could, citing a lack of human interaction and technical issues (for example, not being able to connect to company IT systems) as the two biggest drawbacks.
#LOFTlife: The Story Of LOFT, From Managing Director Benjamin Hall
Much has changed in the 20 years since LOFT began as Buy To Let Furnishings in 2003. What began as a father-and-son team with only one van has now become a respected, nationwide furnishing provider, spanning the whole of the UK. Benjamin took the time to discuss the lessons learned and how the Private Rented Sector (PRS) has changed over the last 20 years.