Urban Splash

How we created a stunning show home that captured imaginations and propelled an exciting riverside development.

Developer: Irwell Riverside
Development: Show Home
Location: Manchester

Tucked in beside the River Irwell surrounded by lush greenery and leafy surroundings sits Manchester’s newest community development, Irwell Riverside. A collection of 72 sleek and modern townhouses facilitates a cosy neighbourhood and a bustling community within walking distance from the heart of the city.

From previous LOFT show home accomplishments, Urban Splash were aware of our ability to create excitement around a new development through bespoke design and capture the imagination of landlords and residents alike. They approached us to create a show home that would encapsulate the vision for the development and showcase the potential of the residential experience for prospective residents.

As the exterior of the developments are sleek and contemporary in design, we wanted to reflect this imagine within the property to keep a concurrent theme through the developments and create a fresh environment.

While there is a temptation within a show home to fill it with as much appealing furniture as possible to try and grab attention quickly, we at LOFT know when to apply a delicate touch and help accentuate the generous space through nuanced minimalism.

We created an interior that was sleek and clean, showcasing white panelled walls embellished with contemporary fittings and accessories. Calculated splashes of colour and pattern were incorporated into the design to soften the interior and provide a subtle contrast.

As the development features both private and communal gardens, as well as being surrounded by lush natural greenery, we wanted to help focus on the exterior nature and space of the outdoors by not overcrowding or overcomplicating the interior.

Our show home design successfully managed to provide an exclusive insight into prospective life in Irwell Riverside and capture imaginations as all town houses in the development are happily occupied. We listened to the needs of the client and understood the wants of potential residents to create a visually stunning and optimally practical space.

Urban Splash created a stunning development amongst a vibrant green landscape on the riverbank within touching distance of Manchester city centre. What LOFT helped achieve was to breathe life, character and imagination into the development through powerful People First Design.  

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