Bridle Works

How we Designed, Delivered and Installed furniture to 422 rooms and various amenity spaces in one of Glasgow’s most exciting PBSA developments.

Developer: CA Ventures
Development: Student Accommodation | 422 Rooms Furnished by LOFT
Location: Glasgow

A luxury PBSA accommodation nestled within the heart of bustling Glasgow, Bridle Works by CA Ventures offers students an elevated student experience through high-end amenities such as cinemas, gaming and karaoke rooms, relaxation rooms, gyms, glam rooms, varied types of study spaces – the list goes on.

Such an exciting development needs to be justified by equally exciting interiors; amenities are nice to have and certainly appreciated by students, but the importance of living in cohesive and relaxing interiors is never to be understated.

Our aim when delivering this project was to not just try match the standard of the development but elevate it further through our People First design and products. Our Designers understand the nuance required when conceptualising a PBSA development design. Always keeping their ear to the ground to understand what aesthetic will be appealing to students while striking the balance of a fun, calming environment.

A soft yet mature colour palette was chosen to create environments that could provide a calming effect, while pops of colour through accessories and soft furnishings are used to add a youthful nature. Our student-designed furniture is built to last, so furniture replacements will never be a niggling problem for landlords and students.

At LOFT, we understand the importance of hitting budget demands and timescales. Our ingenuity in design, established supply chain network and in house Design Team meant that we consistently exceed expectations of design and installation, whilst staying within budget.

Our presence across the UK allows us to meet even the tightest of deadlines, moving quickly as a unit to get large projects like this completed with time to spare. Constantly maintaining clear lines of communication with developers and landlords to ensure the Delivery and Install process is a stress-free, enjoyable one.

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