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Sigma Capital required a neutral show home with soft features to be ready in time for the full Dracan Village development launching.

They also requested a furniture package based on the show home. Giving future residents the option to easily order a full suite of complementary furniture.

The location

Located on the outskirts of Burton-on-Trent, Dracan Village is surrounded by peaceful greenery and rural views stretching for miles.

It's the perfect spot for those who want to live in the countryside without losing transport links to nearby Nottingham and Derby.

This was part of the inspiration for the show home's design - a peaceful, non-fussy interior which brought the outdoors inside.


Interior design inspiration

LOFT’s concept for the show home took a relaxing twist on a nature-inspired aesthetic.

To bring the softness the client required, we used organic silhouettes and lines. The palette was filled with soft textured fabrics - soft velvets in organic warm tones were used to create a cosy homely atmosphere.

LOFT also incorporated some industrial nods to pay homage to Burton’s industrial heritage, such as exposed raw textures like oaks and metals.

Elevating the show home

To heighten the ‘lived in’ feeling for prospective tenants, LOFT developed a collection of home accessories. These were easy to swap in and out, giving potential tenants inspiration on how they could furnish the properties.

Exploring the possibilities of an extra bedroom

LOFT wanted to demonstrate the flexibility of having an extra bedroom to tenants. How it could become a home office, nursery, guest bedroom, work-out space.... whatever suited their lifestyle.

We chose to style this third bedroom as an office space, perfect for residents who would be working from home.

After the show home

To accompany the show home, LOFT created a bespoke catalogue of the furniture used, available for residents to download and shop from. So they could get the 'show home look' in their own home.

Sigma Capital and their BTR brand, Simple Life, were extremely pleased with the brochure, show home and have continued to work with us on a number of projects.

Shop the show home

Get the look of this relaxing show home.

Show home featured products

  • Artwork was used to create key focal points. Shop artwork
  • Plush rugs were chosen to provide softness on wooden floors. Shop rugs


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