The Filaments

Build To Rent | Salford


  • Grainger

  • Committed to giving residents an elevated rental experience.

  • Worked together since 2020

  • One of the UK’s largest professional landlords


  • Furnished 375 apartments

  • 1,2,3 and 4 bed homes

  • Salford, Greater Manchester

Key to Successful Developments

The Filaments is one of Manchester’s most popular developments with renters. It offers 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom stylish apartments with private balconies. Plus, there are great facilities for renters to enjoy including a roof terrace, co-working spaces and an on-site gym.  

Beyond the property, there are several reasons why residents love the Filaments: 

  • It’s managed by Grainger, a developer who puts resident experiences at the heart of every property.  
  • It has a fantastic location, right next to Salford Central station and only a short walk from the city centre 
  • The design of the apartments was completed by LOFT. Our focus on People-First interior design, expert knowledge and creative flair, all allow us to deliver beautiful and aspirational homes 

Key to Successful Developments

Over only eight weeks, LOFT installed furniture across 375 apartments including: 

343 Sofas

714 Dining Chairs

640 Beds

Design Concepts

For The Filaments, Grainger was looking for a design concept which was sympathetic to the history of Manchester and Salford but reflected the experiences of modern-day city living. 

We presented Grainger with two different concepts that combined these elements using seasonal trends. They loved them both, and we worked with the client to bring both to life for their show apartments. 

The first look ‘Northern Silhouette’ focused on the city’s skyline. Pulling clean-cut shapes and a darker colour palette, the key elements of this concept were strength, sophistication, and mystery.

Design Concepts

The second look, ‘Rich Heritage’, celebrated the city’s history through vibrant colours. Choosing an indulgent colour palette and softer shapes, the elements of this concept were culture, imagination, and freedom.  

LOFT also selected complementary paint colours, sourced furniture and curated a selection of accessories, including artwork displaying the Manchester bee and skyline. 

To promote wellbeing in interiors we added biophilic elements to the design. Through natural and artificial foliage and by encouraging light to flow through the apartments the spaces felt immediately positive and welcoming.     

Reviews from Google: 

“I moved into my new apartment this weekend and it is a beautiful building with stunning views. The furniture included in the rental is amazing quality” – R Taylor 

“Great location, amenities, and the furniture is high quality.” - F Aghil 

“I have been here for a week coming from abroad, and I feel at home. Fantastic place, excellent amenities”  - J Camilo Jimenez 

“Sofa and beds by LOFT and other furniture are very comfortable.” – A Yiu