Living by Scape

How we encouraged community and elevated co-living accommodation through People First Design for Scape.

Developer: Scape
Development: Co Living
Location: Guildford

PBSL is about so much more than just providing communal living and working spaces for its residents. It is about fostering community, inciting connections, and nurturing relationships all within spaces designed to naturally prevent isolation.

At LOFT, we understand the nuances involved in creating such spaces and what interiors are needed to fulfill this brief and create a positive, exciting coliving experience for residents.

It is important there is strong foundations put in place to cultivate community and promote it to flourish. People’s environments and interiors deeply impact how they live, work and connect with others.

Across the 113 units we Designed and Installed, we were very conscious of the space. A successful PBSL development hinges on the usability of space for a large number of people, so we did not want to overcrowd living areas through excessive furniture and furnishings.

We opted for a soft, subtle colour palette that was calming and ubiquitously liked. Our Designers utilised raw materials and varied textures to breath character in to the developments, offsetting each other delicately while not feeling abrasive to the space.

What PBSL can offer residents among many other things is the opportunity to always feel part of a ready-made community. It is not constant interaction people crave; it is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that people are there when needed.

It was important that we encouraged this feeling of community through sociable furniture settings and inviting interiors. As we inherently understand people and how they react to different spaces, we were able to successfully utilise this knowledge to deliver a successful project on-time and in budget.

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