6 Reasons Virtual Staging is Perfect for Landlords

What is virtual staging for landlords?

Virtual staging for landlords is when we add furniture to pictures of your property, rather than staging the actual property itself.

Whether your property is unfurnished and you want to get it on the market, or simply needs a modern refresh, LOFT can help.

Once you've perfected your property's interiors virtually, you can purchase the same furniture from LOFT!

Virtual staging from LOFT

Starting from only £32, get amazing virtually staged photos like the ones throughout this article.

6 reasons why virtual staging if perfect for landlords

1. Promote your properties faster

By virtually staging a property, you can get it online looking fully-furnished within a week. Then, when you have tenants interested, you can quickly order the same furniture from LOFT, ready for them to move in.

2. More flexibility on the style of furniture

Unsure of the style you’d like a room to be? Virtual staging allows you to test different furniture packages in a single space, to see which you like the look of most.

3. Easy to make amendments

A major disadvantage of physically staging a property and getting it photographed is that realisation something isn’t quite right. Photoshop can only go so far, whereas it’s easy to make quick edits with DCTR.

4. Explore a room’s potential

Sometimes a room doesn’t have a clear purpose and could be used by residents for different things to suit their lifestyles, be that a home office, nursery, spare bedroom. By using virtual staging, you can highlight the many ways a room can be used.

5. The easiest way to organise staging

Save the stress of getting furniture delivered, installed, dressed and photographed within a tight timeframe. Let LOFT and DCTR do the work of staging your property for you.

Virtually staged photos can be with you within 7 working days.

6. Fast delivery of furniture

Love the virtual staged photos? You can replicate the looks in real life with LOFT.

The virtual staging furniture is available and in-stock, with quick delivery times from LOFT.

We can deliver and install the same furniture to your property without you needing to be there.

How to virtually stage your property

It couldn't be easier to virtually stage your property. All we need is a photo of your room. No dimensions, it doesn't even to need to be empty, prices from £32, get started today!

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6 Reasons Virtual Staging is Perfect for Landlords
Virtual staging is an innovation for landlords. Stage your property quickly and professionally with LOFT

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