Attract More Custom With Specialist Serviced Accommodation Furniture

Serviced accommodation properties make great investments. Holiday-makers love a good serviced apartment, and a booming staycation market has shot through the doom-and-gloom of cancelled foreign holidays for many here in the UK.

Plus, serviced accommodation isn’t just limited to the leisure industry. Business travellers often opt for a furnished short-term let over your average short-stay hotels.

In fact, more than two thirds of business travellers have admitted to adding extra days to their stay to enjoy a little time out for themselves, meaning a property with plenty of appeal will very rarely be out of use.

With two key target markets, you should have very few issues in finding temporary residents to make use of your rental property. But, a property that doesn’t have the right feel to it will struggle against the competition. This can only be done through clever interior design and making full use of specialist serviced accommodation furniture.

Our advice will make it clear how important serviced accommodation furniture is to success, and by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll know exactly how to attract more custom.

What is serviced accommodation furniture?

Serviced accommodation furniture is specifically created for the rental market. There’s a lot of footfall in short-term let apartments; you could have a hundred or so different residents every year if your property is in demand, and items in constant use will suffer from wear-and-tear.

To keep the need for replenishment at an absolute minimum, you need quality, durable, low maintenance pieces that also hit the mark on style and comfort.

Eye-catching photos of your apartment interiors are key for drawing the residents in. High quality reviews and feedback on the condition of your property will then seal the deal.

People expect luxurious serviced accommodation furniture

A serviced apartment is much more than a place for people to put their bags while they’re out sight-seeing or attending a business conference. Style-wise, serviced accommodation is meant to be a cross between a cosy hotel and an actual home. Your property needs to have that luxurious, homely feel to it. This isn’t possible if you don’t have the right serviced accommodation furniture.

After a long day, your guests will want to relax and enjoy all the creature comforts they’re used to. Chairs and sofas they can easily sink into are a must, as are high quality mattresses for a good night’s rest.

If it helps, think about what you would expect from the property if you were to rent it. Would you be happy on a sofa that has a cheap look and feel to it? People are used to living comfortably, which is why furniture you can lose yourself in is key.

To get the very best deals, take a look at our serviced accommodation furniture packs.

Cater to the market’s needs

Everyone expects luxury, but if you’re targeting a specific market with your serviced accommodation property, you need to provide guests with more essentials.

Let’s say your property is in a great spot for business guests who are using your apartment as a base while visiting the city. You can attract more custom by creating a space that’s suitable for work purposes.

Setting up a dedicated workstation shows potential guests you understand their needs. A desk to work from will help your guests stay more focused than if they were doing their job from the cosy sofa we just installed for you.

That said, a comfortable seating is also a must to stop your guests from hunching over, causing them back pain through poor posture. You can combat this by picking out a purpose built office chair.

To finish the look off and to go the extra mile, add a shelving unit so important documents can be safely stored and kept in order for the duration of your guest’s stay.

Remember the little things

When someone views your property over the internet, they want to see you’ve really put your all into making it feel more like a home than a basic hotel room before they make a booking. This is done through accessories, the little things that add a touch of something special.

Your guests might not go out to dine while they’re staying in your apartment. Tourists especially may prefer to cook their own meals so they have more money to spend elsewhere on days out. Kitchenware will give their cooking skills a chance to shine. Our own packages cover all the key kitchen utensils a guest could possibly need.

Another key room that always does well with a little extra sparkle is the bathroom. Your guests will want to see that the bathroom is well cared for and has everything their own would have such as plenty of soft, clean towels, and pretty and practical ceramics like a soap dispenser and toothbrush tumbler. Check out our own all-in-one bathroom pack that’s sure to leave guests with a great impression.

How fast can you replenish your property?

Good reviews are the lifeblood of serviced accommodation. The more you have, the more likely it is that other potential guests will want to rent from you as well.

But if you promise guests something that you can’t deliver on, they won’t take too kindly to it. Serviced accommodation furniture is built to take a beating, but even the strongest furniture will buckle after countless uses.

Let’s say you have a guest who is rocking in their dining chair. They slip, and all of a sudden, your dining area only has three chairs instead of four.

Now, this guest is here on business by themselves, but they are leaving tomorrow and a family of four will be arriving the day after. They can’t wait to sit around the dinner table as a family every night.

To make sure the family gets what they’ve paid for, you need to replace the chair fast with one that matches the rest of the set. This keeps them happy and will give them a reason to leave you a favourable online review.

A specialist serviced accommodation supplier you can count on is worth their weight in gold. LOFT can replace furniture in as little as 24 hours thanks to our distribution centres in Manchester and London. And if you or a property agent can’t let us into the apartment at short notice, we also offer a free key collection and return service to ensure your pieces are still installed on time.

Always keep safety in mind

Safety is a big part of any guest’s experience — even if they don’t realise it. All furniture that’s used in a hospitality setting has to meet UK guidelines on fire safety. This means pieces have to be Crib 5 compliant.

Furniture that passes the Crib 5 test isn’t fireproof, but it greatly reduces the risk of ignition and can stop flames from spreading.

Installing furniture that doesn’t meet these standards can lead to a hefty fine, not to mention it can put lives at risk. You can ensure you’re compliant by asking your serviced accommodation furniture provider for proof. We’re always happy to show our credentials.

Safety also extends to the structure of furniture. To guarantee all pieces are fit for use, our delivery and installation team will assemble all your furniture, carrying out safety checks and ensuring every nut and bolt is in place.

Attract more custom with serviced accommodation furniture suppliers

Specialist serviced accommodation furniture greatly improves the chances of attracting more custom, but it takes an expert furniture partner to tap into the full potential of your rental property.

We have all the knowledge needed to expertly furnish your serviced accommodation, and our years of experience has given us the advantage of knowing exactly what guests expect from short-term lets.

This is why so many landlords partner with us. Our specialist furniture collections adds a huge amount of appeal to serviced accommodation properties without breaking the bank.

What’s more, we’re not just content with helping you bring in more custom. We go the extra mile for you by assembling and installing your new furniture pieces, taking away and recycling the packaging and any old items you’re replacing.

At LOFT, our mission is to help landlords make a success out of their investments. This can only be done by catering to the needs and wants of your guests.

For more information on how we can help you attract more custom with specialist serviced accommodation furniture, get in touch with us today.

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