Property agents seem to get endless phone calls from tenants about furniture. When your day is already packed with property viewings, meetings with landlords and carrying out inspections, the last thing you need is a tenant calling you up because a dining chair has a broken leg.

As tempting as it might be to switch your phone off and enjoy some peace and quiet, common tenant complaints need to be taken seriously so they don’t turn into anything worse. That said, wouldn’t it be much easier for you and the tenant if they didn’t have anything to complain about in the first place?

Furniture can be a common bugbear for both parties, but finding the ideal company to supply the perfect pieces can save you from a wave of angry calls.

If you’re looking for ways to avoid these hassles, we’ve come up with the answers to help you get fewer calls about common tenant complaints on furniture.


Manners cost nothing. It’s something we’re all taught from an early age, and the politeness of the furniture delivery team is a significant part of the customer experience.

When a tenant is taking a delivery, they’re inviting the team into their home and personal space. That means they shouldn’t have to deal with a bad attitude or any poor language from a disgruntled driver.

The delivery team should always be mindful of the tenant. A friendly attitude, a polite smile and a cheery hello, thank you and goodbye will always leave a good lasting impression. And considering the tenant is probably not in the best of moods since their old furniture is damaged, a can-do attitude from the delivery team could be what smooths the situation over nicely.

Think back to the last time you received poor customer service. You probably didn’t use that company again, or you may have felt the need to make a formal complaint.

If you handled the furniture arrangements, you’re the one in the tenant’s firing line, and the best way to ensure you don’t receive any phone calls is by choosing a furniture company whose team comes highly recommended.


There’s no such thing as a good time for furniture to fall apart. Sofas, chairs, beds, tables; they’re all integral home furnishings, and tenants won’t be happy if they break. However, they’ll certainly be a lot happier if you get on top of the situation straight away.

Put yourself in a tenant’s shoes. How long would you wait for a replacement sofa if yours was broken and unsafe to use. A day? A week? A month? Now imagine you’re paying extra rent because the property came fully furnished. You’d probably have a few words for the landlord if they expect full payment when you’ve had nowhere to sit for several weeks. Only, the tenants in the properties you manage will turn to you, not the landlord.

If you want to cut common tenant complaints for replenishment, you need to find a furniture provider who can act fast. We’ve distribution centres in key locations across the UK with bases in rental hotspots such as Manchester and London. This means we’re only ever a few miles away from the properties you manage, so you’re guaranteed a speedy delivery.

Depending on what your tenant needs, we might even be able to replace damaged items within one day, keeping them happy and away from the phone to make a complaint.


Furniture in rental properties take a bit of a beating. Just imagine how many people have plonked down on the sofa, collapsed into a chair or banged their knees against the sideboard in the properties you look after.

Pieces that haven’t been designed with the rental market in mind are always quick to break, so make sure to speak to a specialist supplier. Just because a major furniture store has a sale on, it doesn’t mean their sofas are fit for this particular purpose. And if they break, they’ve got to be replaced.

Anything that goes into a rental property needs to be strong, durable and low maintenance. This is so pieces can last for several years, ensuring the tenants who end up using them don’t have to be constantly asking you for replacements.

Not only is high quality furniture more durable, it’s simply a lot nicer to have. If you’re paying rent for a fully furnished property, you wouldn’t want the place to be full of pieces that are cheap or uninspiring. Even though it’s being rented, the property has to feel like the tenant’s home, and that means furnishing the unit to a high standard.


Handling a constant stream of phone calls about this, that and the other from tenants can be time-consuming, stressful and it can even affect your mental health if you only hear the bad side of every tenant experience.

Being a property agent isn’t easy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re based up north or in a busy London district, all agents want the same thing: to get on with the job with as little fuss as possible.

Quality service sets us apart. We understand that we have a priority to you and the tenants you look after, so we make life easier for all involved. You want durable, low maintenance furniture delivered in a quick timeframe by a professional team, and it’s through our services that agents up and down the UK get fewer calls about common tenant complaints.

To see for yourself how we can take away a great deal of your everyday stressors, get in touch with a member of our team for more information.

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