Trying to make your rental property more appealing to the modern tenant can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Other private landlords and the build to rent (BTR) sector are always going to be big competition, but their success comes from hard work and a thorough understanding of the rental market. If you’re struggling to attract renters, your property might not have the ‘wow factor’ modern tenants are looking for.

Spend some time looking around your rental property. We’re sure it’s perfectly serviceable, but does it stand out to you? If you were living there, would it feel like a home? Potential tenants are spoilt for choice these days, and properties really need to pop if they’re to be rented out.

Fortunately, a can-do attitude goes a long way in making your rental property more appealing to the modern tenant. Follow our advice below to see how much of a difference it makes!


No one knows better than we do how quickly interior design trends can change. People are in love with a particular look one minute, and then they hate it the next. So, is it worth trying to keep on top with the very latest styles? Well, yes and no.

You should never decorate your rental property around a very specific trend. A year down the line (or perhaps even earlier than that), your property will start to look dated. Instead, try to focus on a classic, timeless look. A neutral colour scheme and a minimalist approach never loses its appeal.

However, you don’t want to completely forget about the here-and-now. This is where attention to detail becomes key.

Accessories can make a rental property stand out in a crowded market. While your competition might whitewash their unit and keep everything toned down, you should be adding little touches to stop potential tenants from feeling like every property they view is the exact same.

Scatter cushions are low cost and add a brilliant boost of colour to an interior. The same is true for artwork. And if your potential tenants don’t like your choices or they just want to switch things up after a few months, it’s easy enough to swap accessories out for new ones.

If a certain colour, material or trend becomes the height of fashion in between tenancies, add a touch of it into the mix before viewings. By not making the current trend your property’s main focal point, you avoid fashioning a property that will be outdated in a snap.


If you want to make your rental property more appealing to the modern tenant, you have to put yourself in their shoes. Close your eyes and imagine being in your early 20s again, about to fly the nest. How much did you know about making a house a home? If you had to furnish a property yourself, would you call your parents for advice, or search for interior design tips on YouTube?

Perhaps your rental property is in a city centre, which holds a lot of sway over the young professionals. After a hard day at work, would you rather switch on the TV and have a drink, or trawl through endless furniture websites looking for pieces that work for open plan living? We’ll get the bottle opener now for you.

In short, interior design is a hassle for the average person. The amount of time that a tenant would have to spend on finding the right pieces of furniture and organising deliveries is too much. They want to walk into a property where the furniture is clean, sturdy and perfectly positioned.

Give potential tenants a place they can instantly move into, and you take away one of their biggest pain points.


No one saw the absolute disaster that was 2020 coming, but several lockdowns and tier restrictions later, we have all learned a lot about our homes. There have been numerous studies on how interiors affect our mood, and there are so many little things you can do to create a more uplifting environment.

Plants go a long way in reducing our stress and anxiety levels. They can also help boost cognitive abilities, which is why they’re so popular in the workplace. In a smaller room, indoor plants can even create the illusion of more space.

A dedicated work area keeps a tenant’s work life and homelife separate. BTR developments have become increasingly popular due to the balance it helps create in this respect. The traditional private rental sector doesn’t need to fall behind on this need.

If your property has a second bedroom, a spacious lounge, or even a cosy nook and cranny, use it to the tenant’s advantage. Simple, affordable home office furniture can make your rental property more appealing to the modern tenant because you’re anticipating their needs and actively trying to improve their life while renting from you.

Plantlife and workstations are just two examples, but if you really want to know what could seal the deal for potential tenants, just ask them. Following through on a reasonable request could make all the difference.


LOFT has been fashioning the perfect rental homes for years. Whether your property is a large house in the suburbs, a one-bed flat in the city or anything else in between, we have an extensive catalogue of furniture and accessories that modern tenants will love. If you need an extra helping hand, our award-winning interior design team will gladly take the lead.

We understand that when we’re asked to help out with a property, we have two priorities; you and your tenants. This is why every job we carry out is done to keep everyone happy. From helping you choose the right pieces all the way through to taking away and recycling the packaging and any old furniture, we’ll make your rental property more appealing to the modern tenant without you having to deal with any fuss.


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