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Black Friday Month of Deals
Get fantastic furniture at great prices with LOFT's Black Friday month of deals and discounts. New savings every few days. Don't miss out!
Campaign Spotlight: Time for Bed
LOFT works with a number of charities across the UK to raise awareness of the fantastic work they do. One of our partners is Time for Bed, which is dedicated to tackling and eliminating furniture poverty.
What is People First Design? | LOFT
"People First Design" should not be confused with traditional, human-centred design, which often encourages individualism, rather than togetherness. Individualism, which is on the rise, is a fundamental obstacle to our collective ability to address the most pressing issues we face as a society today.
Why Property Staging is Key to Promoting Your Property
First impressions are quite often lasting impressions. Staging your property effectively is key to getting attention in today’s competitive property market.
Protecting the planet, one tree at a time | One Tribe & Tree Planting
Helping the protection and regeneration of forests is one of the greatest things we can do for our planet. LOFT protects trees with every piece of furniture purchased, and we also take part in tree-planting events
Reducing carbon emissions, protecting the planet: LOFT’s Supply Chain Goals
LOFT continually monitors our supply chain, procurement and QC to make sure our furniture reflects the overall LOFT “People First, Planet First” ethos - but there is always more that can be done.
Furnishing Student Accommodation on a Budget
Ensure your student property stands out in a competitive market. With tight budgets and a limited amount of time, it can be challenging to turn accommodation into a beautiful and functional space that appeals to a wide range of students.
The Extent of Furniture Poverty in the UK | End Furniture Poverty
Furniture Poverty is too often a hidden problem yet it can have devastating effects on quality of life for both adults and children, leading to people being in unmanageable levels of debt to get the things they need. It can cause people to be trapped in unsuitable accommodation because they cannot access beds or cooking appliances for example to enable them to live elsewhere.
Benefits of Furniture Packages
Furniture packages are the easiest way to fully furnish a property. They take away the stress of choosing, buying, delivery and building all the furniture a home needs
7 key features for furnishing modern student accommodation
Furnishing student accommodation takes expertise. These are 7 of the key elements to successfully furnish student accommodation to look modern and be long-lasting.
LOFT x Ashadu | Celebrating 20 years furnishings homes in Manchester
Whilst working with Akemia Minott from Moss Side youth charity @84youth, LOFT was introduced to a pair of ambitious and talented teenage brothers, Samuel, and Ethan Ashadu.