LOFT Launches Pre-Loved Furnishing Solution for Property Professionals

LOFT's Pre-loved furnishing solution

Before LOFT, there was Chattels, a quality used furniture outlet located in Manchester, established in 1978.

In essence LOFT was born from a second-hand furniture business, and it gives us great pleasure after a 20-year hiatus to return to our roots and launch “Pre-Loved Furnishings by LOFT.”

By definition, Pre-Loved, Second Hand or Pre-Owned means furniture that has been previously owned and used.

Since 2003 LOFT has furnished thousands of properties, across the Private Rented Sector, Student Housing or PBSA sector, HMO property sector, Buy To Let Property sector and more recently the Build To Rent sector.

Lots of the furniture we originally supplied is coming to the end of its first life and there is a huge opportunity for us to create a second life for furnishings from past projects.

Our Unique Selling Point (USP) at LOFT is we deliver, assemble, install, and remove, replace, and recycle furniture and accessories for our partners.

We have invested significantly in our waste management infrastructure recently and we are committed to the 5 R’s of the circular economy - Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.

Here is a list of reasons why we love Pre-Loved Furnishings at LOFT.

1. Pre-loved furnishings are low cost

Saving money is the main reason why most people decide to purchase Pre-Loved Furnishings from LOFT. Items such as media units, sideboards, and bookcases, often get very little wear and tear, making them a popular choice for pre-loved furniture.

2. Pre-loved furnishings are eco-friendly

Making use of Pre-Loved Furnishings helps deliver our planet-first ethos at LOFT. By re using furniture and accessories to reduce waste / recycling costs at the same time.

3. Pre-loved furnishings are flexible

Repurposing furniture, accessories and art is a popular trend in interior design today. If you buy a used furniture item, you can then re-design it how you want, giving it the colour and style of your choice. No one will even notice it’s a refurbished item - this is the beauty of purchasing Pre Loved Furnishings by LOFT.

4. Pre-loved furnishings are unique

Most of us want to be unique, especially when expressing our personality with the furniture we put in our homes. Adding second-hand items to your interiors can give your home or social space a unique, lived-in look, especially when pieces are combined with newer purchases and treasured objects of your own. The beauty of buying Pre Loved Furnishings by LOFT is that your apartment will look and feel unique!

5. Pre-loved furnishings are a worthy investment

Purchasing quality Pre-Loved Furnishings from LOFT offers an opportunity to re-sell again at a relatively high value, and sometimes even higher than the original depending on various factors. Second-hand furniture can often be a worthy investment too.

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