Our newest partnership is an extremely exciting one. This organisation aligns with our mission and values perfectly – they saw a gap across the residential marketplace and created a solution to fill that gap, much like how LOFT began 20 years ago. Introducing LOFT’s newest partner; The Developers Club.

If you didn’t know them, then you most certainly will now. Currently sitting at 17 members with an average age of 33 and a combined gross development value of £610 million, the members are hungry to tackle to housing crises head-on and create lasting, quality accommodation options for residents nationwide.



The Developers Club (TDC) Board is an impactful group of upcoming developers that are passionate about delivering quality developments at scale. Through their shared experiences, they aim to be a support network that learns, inspires, collaborates and celebrates with each other along their journey.

That journey is inspired by a vision, a vision to put a dent in the 300,00 new homes needed every year to keep up with the growing demand for residential housing across the UK. Their vision is to bring together a group of driven developers that will be responsible for delivering over 5000+ homes nationwide by 2030, with a combined GDV in excess of £1bn.


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So, how did such an aspirational vision arise through a crowded industry to achieve such goals? The founders of The Developers Club, Shiro Rauniar and Tex Jones, met at a Property Mastermind in 2016 and have seen first-hand the benefits of such a group of developers, both professionally and personally. They don’t believe that success has to be a lone wolf journey as commonly perceived and want to harness and showcase the power of collaboration. Providing a unique space solely for upcoming developers in a structured boardroom environment will be the club’s primary focus, and each board member will be 100% committed to supporting and driving each other’s businesses forward in the collective direction of delivering 100+ units a year.

A vision built upon creating a cohesive and supportive community that supports and propels innovation. Much like LOFT, The Developers Club have laid their strategy upon a strong foundation of community collaboration to ensure there is a ready-made support network available to call upon in trying times.



The vision is to create a non-executive, boardroom-style environment where each member of the board receives practical advice towards their current and future business challenges. The collective experience of the board and its members’ wider network will provide a unique environment where young, ambitious developers can be pushed and challenged to achieve their maximum potential.

The base has intentionally been set up in Mayfair, which is an important hub for UK property, to ensure the board members can truly embrace the atmosphere in an area that is home to companies at the top of our industry. So, how do they keep developing to ensure their views are current and they are getting the insight required to produce such a high volume of residential developments?

With the group formed, more established developers will be called upon to speak and share their inspiring journeys, including challenges, key tips and Q&A sessions. Amongst the guest speakers will also be government officials who can advise on policy and how to best align the businesses to ensure they thrive within the competitive industry. There will also be keynote speakers from the board members who themselves bring a wealth of relevant experience.

Creating an environment that congratulates wins but most importantly lays the groundwork for future wins is essential to success. Knowledge is one of the most valuable assets in residential property and we must create a sector that shares and encourages collaboration to ensure the sector is becoming the best possible version it can be.



As newly established partners, LOFT will be a direct supplier of high-quality furniture and interior furnishings for the proposed 5000+ homes The Developers Club will be responsible for in the next few years. Our on-trend and comfortable furniture will fit the aspiration of these developments perfectly.

But more importantly, our visions align perfectly – that is how a winning formula is made. Pioneering, aspirational and an end-to-end solution, all values connecting LOFT and The Developers Club to ensure our partnership will provide quality housing and interiors nationwide for years to come.


No matter the scale of your project, LOFT has the experience and resources to ensure a smooth and successful completion. Get in touch now to arrange a detailed conversation.

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