The History of Futurism

We’re excited to launch our latest brochure, The Futurist Collection by LOFT, which is a celebration of energy, innovation and the trends of tomorrow.

This brochure has been inspired by the early Futurist movement, which revitalised art and culture in early 20th-Century Italy. The founders of the movement wanted to challenge the world they lived in. They felt that society was decaying around them, by basing its identity on the past.

It all started with Filippo Tommaso Marinetti's visionary "Futurist Manifesto" published in 1909, which caught the heart of disruptors across the nation and then Europe.

Instead of looking backwards, Futurism was a fervent movement based on what’s to come. It was a movement obsessed with the modern world – technology, speed and progress.

And from one manifesto, it began to spread across Europe. Transcending from literature to poetry to art to architecture to interior design. Futurism brazenly celebrated the upcoming machinery age and changing times without fearing the future.

The Art of Futurism

Artists like Giacomo Balla and Umberto Boccioni painted scenes of bustling urban life, factories in motion, and the speed of technological progress. Their works were characterised by fragmented forms, dynamic lines, and a sense of movement that reflected the rapid pace of change in society.

One piece of art which particularly inspired the LOFT team because of its exemplification of the movement is Grattacieli e tunnel (Skyscrapers and Tunnels). Painted by Fortunato Depero in 1930, this abstract artwork is bright, chaotic, industrial, all of which sum up the essence of futurism.

It can appear overwhelming at first, especially without a clear central figure to focus on (as found in classical portraiture). But again, is this not the perfect representation of the future? Unpredictable and full of possibility.

The Art of Futurism

What Futurism Means to LOFT

The unbridled passion of futurism is the essence is what LOFT sought to capture, both throughout this brochure of furniture and the overall direction of our business.

We face the ever-evolving technology, economic and environmental climates head-on, excited for the innovative opportunities they present.

LOFT is 20 years young this year, and over time we’ve picked up invaluable experience while learning a few hard lessons. Never have we sacrificed our youthful spirit and responsibility to the future - the same optimism the Futurist Movement was built upon.

We are increasingly investing in ethical, conscientious procurement. We plant and protect thousands of trees, recycling and upcycling second life furnishings since day one. We look to digital solutions which can replace resource-heavy practices. We are changing the world through our positive actions.

So yes, the future is intimidating, and retreating to the past may be more comfortable, but that’s just not LOFT. We are inspired by past movements and knowledgeable in our expertise but ultimately our unflinching focus is on the future.

We are the modern-day Futurists, enjoy "The Futurist Collection", from LOFT.

The Futurist Collection