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Sustainability Variables In Build To Rent Developments You Need To Know | LOFT
There’s no doubt that the damage done to the Earth has had a massive impact on everyday life. According to National Geographic, humans have added enough greenhouse gases to raise the Earth’s temperature by 1.8 degrees fahrenheit over the last two centuries, causing extreme weather events and the melting of the polar ice caps.
How Student Furniture Packs Increase The Value Of PBSA Properties
The quality of student accommodation has certainly come a long way in recent years. Young uni students are turning away from outdated Halls of Residence in favour of design-led Purpose Built Student Accommodation. Halls of Residence just aren’t meeting the needs of new age students. There’s no decent, quiet place to study, the amenity spaces are limited and the decor is often badly dated. If a sofa or armchair wouldn’t look out of place in a granny flat, you definitely won’t find it in PBSA.
The Importance Of The International Student Market For PBSA | LOFT
The international student market in the UK is massive. Between 2017 and 2018, the UK had the second highest international student market in the world with 458,490 undergrads coming from overseas. Fast forward to today, and there are 538,600 internationals studying at our universities. That’s 22% of the country’s total student population.
How The Best Furniture Suppliers Improve Your PBSA Scheme's Image
A brand’s image and public perception count for a lot. Just look at how Cristiano Ronaldo wiped $4 billion off Coca Cola’s stock value when he snubbed the drink in favour of water during an interview.
What Can PBSA Learn From the Hospitality Sector?
The rise of Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) in the UK has seen a notable change in how students want to live.  PBSA is housing built by developers specifically and exclusively for students. A PBSA will usually consist of ‘cluster flats’ of a few living and study areas, with shared cooking and leisure spaces. Many PBSAs around the country come with additional amenities such as gyms, recreational areas, and libraries.
Can Student Furniture Be Long Lasting? | LOFT
If there’s one thing that all PBSA operators, landlords and student furniture suppliers know for sure, it’s that their furniture is going to take a bit of a beating. But we’re only young once, and you can’t really blame students for letting loose. For many of them, it will be their first time away from home, and it’s easy to forget that there are still rules to follow (even if they’re not living under their parents’ roof any more).
How To Increase PBSA Retention Rates | LOFT
Purpose-built student accommodation has quickly become one of the biggest markets in the property sector. Even with apprenticeship schemes offering an alternative route to employment and the ever-growing costs associated with going to university, the UK’s younger demographic are still keen on higher education.
The Importance & Benefits of Furniture Recycling in PBSA | LOFT
It’s staggering how many items of furniture the UK throws away every single year; 22 million pieces, if you were wondering. And the worst part of it? A lot of the materials that have gone straight into a landfill could easily have been recycled.
The Death of Buy To Let Furnishings | LOFT
LOFT began life in 2003 as ‘Buy To Let Furnishings’; specialising in cost-effective furnishing solutions to suit landlords and agents who regarded their tenants as a hassle, rather than highly valued residents or customers, as they’re considered as today.
Reflecting On LOFT's Landlord Insights
If there’s one thing we can say for sure about the rental market in the UK, it’s that the sector is always changing. A temporary suspension on Stamp Duty, tenant eviction bans, fluctuating property prices; we’ve seen it all and more just in the last year.
How The HMO Market Has Transitioned To Co-Living | LOFT
Have you noticed that modern life has changed us? Busy schedules and soaring house prices have made it near impossible for us to socialise or climb the property ladder. This has changed how we find a place to live. The thought of buying a three-bed house in the suburbs because it’s what our parents did is dying out. There’s not much point in a young, single professional having that much space even if they could afford it. For the most part, the property would just sit there empty.
How Your Property Can Get The Luxury Look for Less | LOFT
Modern life has made it harder for us to find those special moments to enjoy the outside. We always seem to be glued to a screen, even when we’re on a walk or a run. So, if we can’t take the time to appreciate nature, we need to find ways to appreciate interiors.