Downtown | McGoff Group

Designing, delivering and installing a new New York design concept for a city development.

Developer: McGoff Group
Development: Private Rented Sector | 374 Apartments
Location: Manchester

Hugging the banks of the River Irwell and contributing a new addition to the ever-changing Manchester skyline is an exciting residential development in the form of Downtown. 374 hotel-style one, two and three bedroom apartments fill this prestigious six block development and provide yet another option for sophisticated urban living for Manchester residents. We combined ideas and shared creativity with the McGoff Group’s Design Team to create a premium furniture package exclusive to Downtown’s landlords and residents.

We also created bespoke show home concepts to reflect the Manhattan-inspired development and showcase the potential living experience within Downtown to potential landlords and residents. Capturing imaginations and creating an exciting atmosphere for potential residents to envisage themselves within is something that we know and love at LOFT.

Drawing inspiration from the Manhattan influence of the developments, we wanted to continue this theme throughout the interiors to create a holistic experience for residents.

We utilised muted cityscape colours of grey and brown while complimenting the colour scheme with walnut textures and marble finishes. While these design elements are sympathetic to the development and echoes the Manhattan inspiration, they also serve to create an opulent and luxurious aesthetic within the apartments.

To further accentuate the chosen aesthetic of the apartments each individual space was designed and styled to fit the size of the apartment, allowing maximization of space and giving each apartment its own individual identity. Residents love the feeling of individualisation through their apartments, knowing they are receiving a bespoke experience makes their apartment feel more unique and exclusive to them.

Downtown offers residents terrific amenities and services and an incredible location with panoramic views of the city, a resident’s footbridge is the only thing that separates the serenity of harmonious community living to the vibrant soundtrack of Manchester’s bustling city.

But LOFT have provided the vital piece to the puzzle by creating an intimate home experience for each individual resident through our interior design. Each of the 374 apartments we elegantly furnished are brimming with character and style, creating a unique and intimate residential experience for residents. Our design and furniture reach past functionality and requirement; collectively it offers stylish, safe surroundings that supports wellbeing and positive home environments.

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