Barker Building

Creating a show home for a restoration project that would inspire residents and showcase the building's rich history.

Developer: Homegrown Property Developments
Development: Show Home
Location: Northampton

We love a good challenge. Especially when that challenge involves designing a show home for a modern BTR development that was once a shoe factory.

How did we do it? By being sympathetic to the heritage surroundings and accentuating the original features.

Along with our team's expertise in knowing what the client wants, combined with the needs of the target audience, we were able to restore the building's interiors.

Working with Homegrown Property Developments we were given the brief to curate an industrial but modern look for their show home. We wanted to draw on the original features of the building. The team worked closely with the client to create a space where prospective residents would come and see the restored building in a brand-new light.

The inspiration? Our team wanted to highlight the high ceilings and large windows that allowed generous amounts of light to flood into the apartments. To achieve this we chose dark shades of woods for the furniture pieces, along with rustic leathers to give the space a warmth. Ensuring the space was inviting was key. We wanted to show new residents how to make the best use of open plan living, by careful space planning.

This restoration project also needed to stand out in a competitive marketplace. The neutral tones in the furniture were balanced by the bold feature walls for the show apartments, breathing life into the interiors with a subtle burst of colour. A juxtaposition to the building's heritage is the selection of foliage accessories for the space. Choosing a selection of plants, we added another biophilic element to the interior. For the final touch, we installed bespoke window treatments. Fitting roller blinds so that light could be easily filtered.

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