Northlight Estates

How we gave a historical building a contemporary twist while maintaining its unique character.

Developer: Northlight Estates
Development: Show Home
Location: Northlight Mill, Pendle

A project that captured our imaginations and a design that we captured imaginations with, Northlight Mill was an ambitious project that aimed to introduce a sense of urban living into rural Lancashire.

Set in a stunning Grade II listed mill absolutely brimming with character, Northlight Mill delicately combines old style industrial architecture with contemporary interior design to create a brand-new residential experience for renters and buyers alike.

The developer, Northlight Estates, contracted the services of our Design Team to deliver a two-bedroom show apartment that would appeal to a broad range of potential residents and allow them to envisage a life for themselves within that space.

The vision our Design Team aspired to was a balance of sympathy and understanding to the original building to compliment the historical influence while infusing it with a contemporary, urban feel.

This was achieved by utilising our classic collection of furniture mixed in with curated, bespoke pieces to achieve the desired look. To maintain a modern aesthetic a mixture of dark grain furniture and botanical accessories pulled the design together.

"LOFT has provided a fantastic service from start to finish. They've been professional and enthusiastic to deal with, providing us with an incredible fit-out for our show apartment. Thanks to their high-quality furnishings, creative flair and meticulous eye for detail, we now have a stunning show apartment that really showcases the potential of the development. Selling property off-plan can be challenging as some clients struggle to envisage the finished product, but LOFT’s hard work has created an aspirational and stylish space that genuinely adds value to the selling process and enables our clients to visualise their future lifestyle. Thank you!" 

Northlight Estates

Within the brief from Northlight Estates, a navy accent was requested to run throughout the design. Our deep range of stock ensured we were able to handpick artwork, cushions, throws and further accessories to softly introduce a navy accent to the design and fulfil this element of the brief.

As the building was to offer 85 luxury apartments with superior quality fittings and high specification finishes, our design had to not only mirror those finishes but elevate them.

As the building naturally had very high ceilings, we installed elegant curtains on tracks to soften the walls and the overall space. Large pieces of art and large mirrors were also curated to naturally fill the space with colour and add character to the walls.

These finishing touches serve to pull the design together, while injecting character and a unique aesthetic into the space. 

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