DLC Europe

Working with the beautiful architecture of Eden Square to produce a breathtaking PBSA development in Coventry.

Developer: DLC Europe
Development: Student Accommodation
Location: Eden Square, Coventry

When designing any project, we are always acutely aware of the surrounding area’s heritage, ambiance, and historical value so we are able to complement the interior of a development through exterior awareness.

When presented with the opportunity to Design, Deliver, Install and Assemble 120 units and amenity spaces within a 19th Century listed building such as Eden Square in Coventry, we knew exactly the scale of interior and operational innovation that was required.

Our Designers were sympathetic to the building’s architecture and worked in collaboration with the construction to produce the finished results. They maximised potential within the amenity spaces by accentuating the high ceilings through bespoke lighting fixtures and artwork.

They framed the large bay windows through soft furnishings and subtle curtains. To echo the greenery of the natural surroundings, we incorporated biophilic design in across the amenity spaces to draw a naturalistic link to the outside while actively boosting mental wellbeing.

As always in a PBSA project, we encourage collaboration through sociable interiors and look to enrich the student experience by shaping interior spaces that cultivate community. Eden Square was no different as we created communal amenity spaces for just this purpose, while also creating more private spaces for study, relaxation, or rest.

We blended home comforts with stylish luxuries to strike the perfect balance to allow students to choose whether they wanted to experience hustle and bustle or cosy downtime. Showcasing the possibilities of a holistic University experience for students to choose their own paths and have numerous options at their disposal.

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