From day one, LOFT has prioritised sustainability and built the company atop an infrastructure that supports eco-conscious practices at every turn

At LOFT, our People First ethos is what guides our service offerings to ensure they are best placed to serve and enhance the residential sector as a whole. And what better way to serve people than by working to make the world a greener, more sustainable place?

From day one, we've prioritised sustainability and built the company atop an infrastructure that supports eco-conscious practices at every turn. And we're proud to say that this commitment to sustainability is inherent in everything we do daily.

A key sustainable service that we offer to simplify the lives of property professionals while adhering to our strict sustainability measures is Recycling.

Planet First Practices

Improved sustainability is a choice, and we made the choice long ago to wholly embrace it and integrate it into our foundations. One of the biggest environmental challenges facing the UK is the sheer number of mattresses that end up in landfills each year. Given how many mattresses are disposed of in landfills every single day and how many mattresses we supply on a daily basis, it was apparent we had a responsibility to work towards lowering that figure.

We've teamed up with a specialised recycling business that disassembles mattresses and uses the basic materials for future products, in turn creating a sustainable circular economy.
Since the start of our relationship, tens of thousands of mattresses have been kept out of landfills, and we're always trying to increase that figure.

But mattresses are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to furniture our Removal teams ethically recycle every day. We try to reduce the number of removals and recyclables by only supplying high-quality products that are long-lasting and durable, reducing the need for constant replacement. Additionally, the company up-cycles as much removed furniture as possible, donating it to one of the many charities we work with across the UK or re-selling it as “Pre-loved” to keep the circular economy rolling. This gives the furniture a second life, helps people in need and keeps the landfills clear.


Responsible Recycling

LOFT proudly holds a 100% landfill diversion rate from all furniture removed from any property. Our Operations team hold themselves to an extremely high standard when Installing, Removing & replacing any furniture on-site. All cardboard, plastic and packaging are sorted on-site and brought to specialist recycling plants. Anything removed from site that is non-recyclable is collected and sent to an RDF facility to generate sustainable power for people all over the UK.

Last year alone, LOFT saved 196.3 tonnes of carbon emissions by diverting so much waste from landfills and recycled over 2.1 tonnes of paper and card. Measuring our sustainability initiatives is important for many reasons – it shows us the progress we have achieved while also showing us areas we can improve in and what work still needs to be achieved to hit our ultimate goal of Net Zero.

LOFT is for Living

By utilising our own fleet of vans and our independent recycling centres, we can responsibly recycle your old or unwanted furniture from anywhere in the UK. Our trained Installation & Removal teams are efficient and streamlined, replacing your old furniture with sustainable and durable LOFT furniture in no time.

If you have a property or project in need of rejuvenation and want a responsible furniture partner to furnish your interiors consciously and beautifully, get in touch. From large-scale student and BTR developments to private properties and HMO’s, LOFT’s core service offering of Delivered, Assembled, Installed, Removed, Replaced & Recycled is waiting to be utilised for your property. Let us do the work, LOFT is for living.


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