Union View x LOFT

A show home for the Single Family Housing sector

Developer: Packaged Living
Project: Furnishing of a Show Home at a new Single Family Housing development
Location: Union View, Dartford, London

Furniture for Single Family Housing

Packaged Living and Allsop required a beautifully furnished show home that reflected the family-friendly life their development offered.

That’s why they chose LOFT to furnish the show home. Our expertise is creating stylish, functional and inviting interiors that appeal directly to residents.

It’s what we call our People First design – creating Interior Design schemes which directly appeal to those who will be living in the schemes.

LOFT is also the expert furniture supplier to the Single Family Housing industry, having been founding members of the UK SFA (UK Single Family Housing Association).

Show Home Website

To celebrate the development's launch, LOFT created a new website for Packaged Living. This would allow potential residents to shop the furniture and accessories from the show home, and recreate its inspirational look.

Objectives of show home

  1. Highlight Property Features:
    Use furniture and accessories to show how the show home can be used as an aspirational family home.
  2. Create a Cohesive Aesthetic:
    Ensure that the interior design is consistent with the branding across the development.
  3. Maximise Space Utilisation:
    Demonstrate the space's full potential through furniture and making the most of each of the rooms.
  4. Appeal to Target Market:
    Design the interior to resonate with the tastes and lifestyles of the target demographic, which includes professionals and families.

Single Family Housing Interior Design

The brief was to create a show home which would appeal to the families looking to rent at this new development located in Dartford. We created a scheme which breathed a fun personality into the development.

LOFT’s aim was to create an aspirational home for modern families.

Furnishing a family home

To create a homely look, a warm oak was chosen for wooden features. This was complemented by lots of green colours across furniture and accessories all to create a natural look.

However, it was important to keep this development as family-friendly as possible, so pops of colour were implemented throughout to keep it suitably bright and playful.

Children's Bedroom

One of the bedrooms in the property was designed as a children’s bedroom, to show how suitable this development was for all ages. A safari theme was chosen to add to the playful quality.

Furniture for Single Family Rental

Through furniture and accessories chosen for the Single Family Rental market, LOFT created little moments of family life around the show home. All to resonate with potential residents and allow them to see how life at Union View in Dartford could look.

Shop the Furniture

You can shop the entire Union View show home with free delivery. Check it out here:

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