Hillside House

Designing and installing interiors for a PBSA development in the heart of Sheffield that prioritised calm aesthetics and maximum functionality.

Developer: CA Ventures
Development: Student Accommodation
Location: Sheffield

PBSA in Sheffield

As a modern, high-end PBSA development, the developers of Hillside House in Sheffield were looking to the future in utilising virtual video tours of the properties for potential residents to view and get a holistic view of the accommodation.

We worked in close collaboration with CA Ventures to ensure all amenity spaces and bedrooms were furnished to facilitate the use of virtual video capabilities in the future and also strongly showcase their branding throughout.

Interior Design for Student Accommodation
For our design conceptualisation for this project, our Designers embraced neutral, soft colour palettes to propel the feeling of serenity and calm throughout.

As student wellbeing is a pillar of good PBSA design, how we use interiors to accentuate physical and mental wellbeing is always at the forefront of our Designers’ minds.

Across the 250 varied rooms we Delivered and Installed our interiors in to in Hillside House, we fully utilised our People First designed products to create living experiences for students that support both their studies and social lives.

PBSA Interior Design style

We understand the delicacy needed to create a space that can support all aspects of a students wellbeing and support and encourage their growth as much as possible. Providing aspirational interiors doesn't just increase satisfaction rates and wellbeing, it gives residents a lifestyle to strive towards.

By starting with a neutral, Scandilike colour base to design from, pops of subtle colour from accessories such as artwork, cushions, rugs, and throws stand out and liven the feel of the rooms.

We also utilised real plants across this development to connect the outdoors to indoors and increase the natural colour.

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